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AIO Combat and Mage not withdrawing food

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Hi I purchased the AIO combat and Magic today. I am having trouble with the character going to to bank, opening the bank up, and logging out and stopping " stating that salmon was not in bank" I have used lobsters, salmon, trout, shark, shrimp, all have the same result. When i put what to eat like at 80% health the character will eat the food in my inventory. I know i am spelling the food correctly but it will not withdraw the food out and script will stop running.


I have read all the threads and could not find an issue like mine. Could someone please help me and explain why this is happening to me.

Thank you,

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22 hours ago, iFluffee said:

Please give the script's thread a read and then post there if the issue still isn't resolved! Tri and other users will be able to provide better support for that script than I can!


You should post this on the script's thread as @iFluffee suggested. That's where script-specific bug reports should go.

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