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Combat script Best free/Premium

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So im currently using DChickens script to lvl some combat but im wondering how long until ban? well im using the break system ever 1 hour of gameplay and, *30 min breaks* with random set to 35 mins. Anyways anyone can lead me to the best script writer for combat free or, premium just need someone and, with low ban rate )Might be paying for them soon depends on if i can find decent free script or, premium! Anyways as of now about to hit the sack with the bot going for tonight with the break system. Gonna wake up around 7-9 in the morning currently 1:39 am and 11 attack 10 str and, 4 def  so, hope for the best. Anyways Hmu guys please and, btw; what is exnightmare script? Herd it's really good. Is it a Fighting script? 

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