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Question about account creation.

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Hey guys, another question for the vastly more knowledgable people here then me. 

So when I create accounts I use a proxy to create the account and verify it, then I immediately do tutorial by hand to make it seem like the account was made then played on immediately. 

My question is this: Is it worth the extra effort to do tutorial right away? My thought is not many real players would create an account and not play on it. But it would be so much faster to create heaps of accounts then just do tutorial when I'm ready to start hitting the account.

any thoughts welcome. Also: all my accounts I'm trying to make a well rounded bot to last awhile. While I see big value in this I'm interested in knowing if suicide botting is more or less worth while? And with suicide bots do you go straight with no breaks? Or do you take some precautions?


thanks guys in advance

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10 hours ago, Duhstin said:

No, and it's not even worth verifying it.

No its not worth the extra effort? Little vague ;P

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Suicide botting usually means going in 24/7 no breaks. I doubt it makes (a big) difference if you do tutorial right away or after awhile.

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