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Very few of my scrips displaying proper xp/gp per hour

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Hey guys, I just wanted to check to see if my issue is simply looking glass messing with the scripts, or if there is some setting/file that can be reset to fix my issue. Basically on about 75% of the scrips im using the values shown on screen are all random negative numbers. (Not even the proper numbers with a - sign infront) 

It shows my level, gained levels, xp per hour, gp per hour ect. all wrong. Its not a huge deal if its just a side effect of LG, its worth using LG over having it say the right values, but if there is an easy fix Id love to get it sorted out!

Thanks in advance. (The scrips are in various skills, all of them premium, and from different people)

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9 hours ago, FALSkills said:

You might have to do it frequently unfortunately, but try deleting general.ini and hooks.dat and then rehooking by loading rs on a regular tribot client, and then try LG again. I have the same issue and that fixes it usually, but it's often temporary sadly.

Il give this a try. As for the other comments: iv mentioned it to the scripter and Lg seems to be taking the blame mostly, I also did start when logged in. 


Appreciate the replies!

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