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[FREE][AIO][ABC2] uFletcher - Ultimate Fletcher

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Hello guys,

After a long break from botting, I decided to start scripting back again and get involved more often in the community.

I am currently developing a fletching script, so I thought I would share it.

Source code can be found here.


It contains ABC2 implementation, feel free to try it out.

Bows supported:

  • Normal logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).
  • Oak logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).
  • Willow logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).
  • Maple logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).
  • Yew logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).
  • Magic logs -> Shortbow (u) & Longbow (u).


Coming soon:

  • Neat GUI & Paint.
  • More fletching options (bolts, arrows, javelins).
  • Bow Stringing.


Script usage:

  1. Enter the bow's name (Case sensitive), "Shortbow", "Longbow", "Oak Shortbow", "Oak Longbow" etc...
  2. Click Ok.
  3. Enjoy botting :D







Feedback & bugs reports are appreciated :)


Best regards


Edited by UKF_HHA

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if you want this fletching script to be unique then adding fletching progression and when its out of supplies let it sell the supplies and restock items

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