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Z3D AIO Miner [Open Source] [Flawless!]

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it mines stuff, enjoy.

~Get it here~

Source code here


Current Bugs:

  • None currently reported. 



GUI Explained



Tree Area

  • Top left tile is the tile at the top left of where you will be mining
  • The bottom right tile is the bottom right of where you will be mining
  • Please only use the format "3092, 9488" (without the " ofc), it's easier to just click grab tile though, it'll put it in for you

Bank Area

  • Very similar to the above, but the centre tile is the tile we use to walk to the bank so make this close to the booths

Rock ID's

  • You can enter as many Rock IDs as you want but they must be separated by a ',' obviously
  • All rock ID's 'Debug -> Objects -> Interactive Objects' and grab the number above the rocks you wish to mine


  • Bank ore, is pretty self explanatory. When ticked it will use the tile data and bank for you.
  • If not ticked it will drop the ore.
  • Auto upgrade pickaxe will check every time you level up if you can use a better pickaxe
    • If you can and you have it in your bank we will use it. Will also equip it if we can
    • This feature is only allowed in bank mode
  • Use Hover Last Mines Rock if the rock will respawn before you finish mining the next one

Load Tiles

  • When you have entered all the tiles in and selected the options you want and selected the tree name simply click 'Generate'
    • What this will do is generate a Data String containing all the information in the GUI
    • So then when you want to run the bot again using the same settings simply paste it back in and click load
    • Clicking generate will also copy the generated String into your Clipboard
    • Please could you post your data strings to the forum for others to easily use THANKS! :D
  • To load a data string simply paste it into the text box and click load and it will autofill the GUI
    • PRO TIP: If you have copied a data string and there is not already one in the text box you can just click load and it will paste it in for you


Then assuming everything is sorted, just click start and it'll do just fine. PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS TO ME!!


Edited by Z3D

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4 hours ago, seiv said:

Thanks for release, ABCL?

I don't really understand how the ABC stuff works atm, it will automatically do a bit of antiban stuff which I didn't tell it to do so that's something xD I need to look into the ABCL stuff a bit more :)

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13 hours ago, luck or skill said:

looks nice i'll try it out later. any chance of world hopping? been lookin for a scriptthat will mine addy/mith n hop after theres none left

It's on my list of things to add, I just kind of ripped this from my account starter script which doesn't really need world hopping. So once I've finished with that I'll start adding features to this. 

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On 27/10/2016 at 10:24 PM, ulisija said:

works except i had some problems with walking from west warrock bank to mine at bottom left of warrock cause bot clicked too much right behind the wall.

I'll take a look, the problem is mainly because of how quickly I threw the script together. I've used Tribots WebWalking instead of custom paths. 

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  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Fix bytecode manipulation in order to prevent the modification of parameters within the Filter and Condition classes themselves (thanks @wastedbro)

      Fix NPE caused by non-null value in GE API (thanks @erickho123)

      Add and fix equals methods for api2007.types (thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Modify Mouse#leaveGame to make the mouse leave the game from top, left, right, or bottom (thanks @erickho123)

      Add Entrana area to Ships API (thanks @erickho123)

      Fix raid prayers index/settings in Prayer API (thanks @erickho123)

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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    • This update will:

      Implement better canvas locking/synchronization mechanism

      Fix small Login API bug

      Remove the requirement for xbooting Java classes

      Use ExecutorService to perform canvas work in parallel

      Add "Account Management" game tab to GameTab API (thanks @Encoded)

      Fix NPCChat#getMessage (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix NPCChat#selectOption (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix Banking API after today's update (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix in-game world hopper after today's update (thanks @Encoded )

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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    • This release includes:

      Fix updater bug which was causing a bunch of issues

      TRiBot will no longer require manual hook fixes every time the RS client updates - the updater has been fully patched for objects

      Hooked login fields

      Improved the login bot

      Ability to recognize the banned/locked messages again

      Ability to read the current input for username and password fields

      If the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased

      If only part of the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased. The login bot will fill in what's missing.

      If there are a few invalid characters after a valid substring of your username/password, only (approximately) those invalid characters will be erased. The login bot will then proceed to fill in the missing characters.

      Coming soon:

      Skull icon fix

      Improve screen rate and responsiveness of the RS client (both regular client and LG)

      Much more
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    • This release includes:

      Fix shift clicking option selecting

      Fix high paint delay settings saving

      Update prayer IDs for the quick select menu

      Remove RS3 support

      Fix hooks

      RS3 Support Removed

      The RS3 client hasn't been updated since our Old-School version of TRiBot was released, as many of you may have noticed. Keeping all of the RS3 code in the client made the client as a whole harder to maintain, larger, slower, and messier. As hardly anyone still uses the RS3 client, and since the RS3 API was hardly functioning, we made the decision to completely remove it from TRiBot.

      For the average user, this means that the client will be smaller, cleaner, and faster. Future updates will also take less work meaning there will be more frequent updates.

      If you were one of the few users still using the RS3 client, we apologize for the inconvenience. No future support for RS3 is planned. There are many other botting clients which has support for RS3, so we recommend finding an alternative if you wish to continue botting on RS3.
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    • Please welcome our new developers, @JoeDezzy1, @erickho123, @Encoded, and @wastedbro.

      These members will be responsible for working on, maintaining, and improving TRiBot.

      This means that bug fixes and improvements will now come at a much faster pace! We're committed to providing users with the best botting experience possible!
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