Deluxe TRiBot Account Adder

By Deluxes in Script Development,
Takes a plain text file with a list of accounts and adds them to the TRiBot account manager without all the pain of clicking. Source Code Jar Download (Packed with TRiBot client which accounts for 99% of its size.)   Run it will the following command: java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\PathToMyAccount.txt   Example: java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\accounts.txt   Accounts.txt structure (pin/preferredworld/xplampskill not required.) email:password:pin:preferredworld:xplampskill   Example: [email protected]:qwerty1234 [email protected]:qwerty1234:1234:308   This will not overwrite existing accounts and you must have an existing accounts setting file in the settings folder.   Bored as fuck and wanted to make this for the luls. Enjoy whoever uses it.
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