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Deluxe TRiBot Account Adder

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Takes a plain text file with a list of accounts and adds them to the TRiBot account manager without all the pain of clicking.

Source Code

Jar Download (Packed with TRiBot client which accounts for 99% of its size.)


Run it will the following command:

java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\PathToMyAccount.txt



java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\accounts.txt


Accounts.txt structure (pin/preferredworld/xplampskill not required.)




[email protected]:qwerty1234
[email protected]:qwerty1234:1234:308


This will not overwrite existing accounts and you must have an existing accounts setting file in the settings folder.


Bored as fuck and wanted to make this for the luls. Enjoy whoever uses it.

Edited by Deluxes
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7 hours ago, Deluxes said:

Instant adding > ahk.

If you use this in tandem with the linux client starter, you could even run your clients with only ssh'ing into the server to run the command prompts.

This is infinitely better than what I released, it's what I wanted to do but lacked the skill to do. Nice job :)

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2 minutes ago, iFluffee said:

From what I understand, Deluxes' adder interacts directly with TRiBot, mine merely inputs data into the boxes of the account manager. His is much more intelligent and advanced than mine :)


4 minutes ago, Enano25 said:

what does your version do differently? 

Instead of tribot needing to be loaded up, mine uses the same encryption methods tribot uses to input the new accounts straight into the accounts file.

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8 minutes ago, bluefirecorp said:


Someone's been de-ob'ing the client. Neat.

Wouldn't a Tribot update break the script?

Also, thanks for this, it will make my service easier to create.

As tribot hasn't updated for a few months no way to know. If it does break everything, it wouldn't be hard to regather the pieces of it again.

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15 hours ago, Deluxes said:

Works fine for me, does it throw any errors? What OS are you using?

Apologies, seems to be working now, tribot somehow was screwing the account settings up since the latest update and I'm not sure how, deleted my accounts and settings and saved as a fresh file and it's working fine again.

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