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Scam report.

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user that scammed me:



Skype convo:

https://gyazo.com/cf73482bbf12e9d387de83ec232e6497  [he's selling accounts, not running by hand via tutorial as his... whole thread misleads to believe, also, the reason I didn't want to make this thread in the first place, since we both broke the rules in the buying/selling of accounts, but scammers must be dealt with, should they not? >.<]



A little chat about feedback later, which I do not feel like posting, cause, pointless and time consuming to do so.


https://gyazo.com/99a1c960822a81f579505e94d4192205      [this is ... an interesting screenshot for me, as this account was NOT compromised, due to me having set it aside, and using it later, before the hacking occured]


https://gyazo.com/4decac70f66f434b324a431b435fefa5  Here I buy 25 more accounts.





Prior to buying the first 10 accounts from him, I had my own accounts self-made, and my self-managed VPSes with some of my accounts already running.  

After purchasing the accounts, I did NOT change the password, since they had annoying sisdhsyufiksdhgfy783y2r8 passwords and they were going to be suicide bots, which weren't supposed to last that long for me to worry about this happening.

I check the accounts about 24 hrs after setting them up,  and they were CLEANED.  Some were at the ge, some at edgeville.  All with banks to zero.  The GE history shows the hacker underselling my items, so it wasn't a script issue.

MY VPSes are self-managed as I said.
I have a .txt file in my desktop, with all my account + VPS info [his logic was keylog/virus], only the ones I bought were compromised, the others (mine) were untouched... Except for the one I did happen to ask Ruffski about not working (slipup?)

My account and password info was all together, I'm sure they wouldn't be picky and just choose HIS account list to hack.

I changed the password to the accounts that WERE compromised... and now they're fine.  If I have any further issues with THESE accounts I changed the password to, I will withdraw my dispute.  Otherwise, I stand by my word, and point my finger at him, the person that's going against the rules, and selling lvl 3s <.<.  That sounds sketchy all by itself, does it not?

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First of all I stand by my statement made in the chat logs, that I had nothing to do with any of the above user's accounts getting hacked as I am a legitimate seller and have done many transactions across multiple sites similar to this with no complaints.

Apart from the the fact the above dispute as stated is not for a service I offer at Tribot and the dispute thread does not follow the guideline layout, I have a couple of comments:

Firstly I offer similar services over 3 different other sites and as you can see from this part of our skype conversation : https://gyazo.com/62be0e1c385a7069a28df70fde443bdf

There was no discussion as to which site he/she is from so I assumed it was from a different site and so provided my pre-done accounts. So to begin with this is actually nothing to  do with Tribot as it is not for the service I offer here (I.e running tutorial island on their accounts). 

Secondly, From this thread there is no actual evidence that I did anything untoward. I have served many customers for this service and you are welcome to message them and ask all of them have had no problems that I have heard of other than this person (see links below for examples). I also have sold many more than 35 odd accounts with no problems. It is completely plausible that oh_my_goth might have a key logger or someother piece of malware which is how he/she might have got hacked as I mention in the linked screenshots below, I would also like to point out this " I have a .txt file in my desktop, with all my account + VPS info " That does not seem very secure to me if he/she was infected with a keylogger or malware.

In line with the lack of security awareness he/she has shown with the above comment " After purchasing the accounts, I did NOT change the password, since they had annoying sisdhsyufiksdhgfy783y2r8 passwords and they were going to be suicide bots, which weren't supposed to last that long for me to worry about this happening. " I recommend to all my customers to change the emails and passwords on the accounts for security reasons so this exact situation does not occur. The passwords are also long as they are alphanumeric passwords so that each account has a secure password to make any sort of dictionary attack or otherwise, more difficult.

Oh_my_goth messaged me this evening and I responded the most practical way that I could and tried to explain that I had nothing to do with this, and tried to give the user other possible alternatives (as seen below)




Customers from Tribot:








Here are my three other profiles all with only positive feedback and recent trades for a similar service: 





So as far as I can see this is oh_my_goth 's word against mine and there is no evidence that has been provided to say that I have actually done any wrong.  If possible could this dispute be closed and his/her comments deleted from my thread as it will deter other potential legitimate customers with false and unsubstantiated claims. If the moderators/admins require any further information please do not hesitate to ask and I will provide whatever I can where possible.


Thanks for your time, sorry to oh_my_goth that her accounts got hacked but this has nothing to do with my services offered on Tribot or otherwise and I hope this can be resolved soon.

Edited by Ruffski

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Account sales are not allowed, continuing to do so will result in an escalation past the TWC you have received @Ruffski. You may only provide a service on TRiBot, this is one of the many reasons why we do not permit the sale of an account.

@Oh_My_goth you can take this as a lesson as you knew better and next time conduct your business within the rules we have created to protect users like yourself and something like this will not occur in the future.


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