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How to submit a bug report with SPXScripts

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SPXScripts uses a unique style of submitting bug reports, therefore a guide is sufficient to teach users how to properly submit a report.

All SPXScripts use JavaFX GUI's with a bug report form built in for ease of submission. Before contacting me you should submit a bug report to speed the process.


  • Step 1:
    • Once the script is started, you will see a bug report section in the GUI. Clicking that will open the bug report form.
      • 36125a75274c09a38e2d43a91a518ef5.gif
  • Step 2:
    • There are 4 boxes although you don't need to fill out all of them depending on the issue.
    • Sections
      • Bug Description
        • This section is where you can type out a detailed description of the bug. You should be as descriptive as possible; including images and videos will help speed up the process.
      • StackTrace
        • A stacktrace should be taken when the script is stuck or in the process of the bug. When you take a stacktrace it will paste the text to the client debug. You can either use "Script > Print Script StackTrace" to take a stacktrace or you can click the "Stack Trace" button on the scripts paint.
      • Client Debug
        • This is where you can paste the client debug if an error was to occur in the client debug.
      • Bot Debug
        • This is where you can paste the bot debug if an error was to occur in the bot debug.
  • Step 3:
    • Once you are done putting in your information, you can click the "Send Report" button to send the report directly to me. After that, you may contact me about the issue. Once you click the button, it will let you know if your report was successfully sent or not. Note: The button cannot be spammed.
      • bf1b738fb91c501b7c5b85c9f37b0da5.gif
  • Step 4:
    • You may contact me after submitting your bug report, if you don't I will most likely get in contact with you about the issue.




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