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Mute's Private Script Shop [Quick Response] [Beating prices] [Ex-Staff]

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how much will a fletching script cost if i wanted it to switch fletching method when it levels up and restock/sell items when its out of stock?

Also how much will a win of zamorak script cost if it is able to world hop and grab wines fast... 


need to know the price to see if i can afford it 

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3 minutes ago, Flamo353 said:

I need a script that will make tribot relevant again. How much would this cost me?

please use the correct format for private script requests

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31 minutes ago, King James said:

So it's technically not even ours since you control it and can have it removed at any time? How come when you buy a script you can't have the source code and/or the jar?

You can actually if you come to that agreement with the script writer -- though I doubt many would. You're purchasing a license to use the script; not the actual source code, as stated in my ToS. If you do not like that, I am not forcing you to deal with me.


And it would not be removed at any time, and if it were: then you have every right to dispute your private script purchase and a TRiBot staff member will help you in receiving a refund.


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