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RS3 Huge Request

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Hey guy's so I've been looking around and scratching my head for some time now, I'm currently part of dragon dyce and host every day and make alot of money while doing so. We also we're the first dicing gambling clan to advertise on tribot since it's release in 2012, We currently only host on OSRS however are looking at branching onto eoc. however I would very much like to do this by starting with advertising in eoc. I've looked into multiple rs3 client's known, such as Simba RiD Runemate Powerbot & Epicbot if you suggest using this client to advertise you're wrong in-fact I havn't found any client's offering to do advertising so this bring's to my attention that maybe it's not a thing that is done easy, but that's never going to be a challenge for us we're dragon dyce, and we will find a way like we alway's have any question's/or offer's please post below.

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