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[VIDEO] [EASY] How to set up TRiBot with IntelliJ IDEA

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On 8/29/2016 at 1:21 AM, Enano25 said:

@Starfox Thanks for this tutorial, will try it later on.

What's the difference between using eclipse and intellj idea? 

Eclipse and IntelliJ are both different IDE meaning Integrated Development Environment. Think of this as an EXTREEEEEMELY fancy text editor that allows you to code compile and a bunch of other features rather than a simple notepad. This means that Eclipse and IntelliJ are both pretty much the same, but Eclipse is a bit more closed in my opinion. It's centralized mostly around Java and is restricted a lot to what you can actually do with it vs IntelliJ. But if all you want to do is script and don't really intend to explore programming in a larger picture than just keep with Eclipse for simplicity.

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