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Hi all,

I started playing Runescape back in 2004 and played up until early 2011, back then I was known by another handle, if you played back then and were involved in the pking/merchanting/black hat scene you most likely would know me but I won't be disclosing that handle. For some reason Runescape has peaked my interests again recently and I am considering getting back in to it, more for a money making scheme than anything else.

During my stint of 'Scaping I owned my own private servers, co-owned merchanting clans, wrote scripts for Powerbot and Nexus I think it was called (mostly private scripts), exploited bugs, pked all around the wilderness in top main clans, had a fully maxed main (99 in every skill and 138? in dungeoneering) and combat maxed rune pure, from memory the most cash positive I ever got as part of the merchanting days were about 12b (with value of items being more than that - party hats at the time were worth more than max trade), I sold off many millions of gold and made what I thought was a lot of money for my age. I dabbled in black hat hacking, just the standard denial of services, botnet, remote admin tools, phishing, injection attacks, etc - once I turned 18 I exited that scene entirely.

I quit Runescape about the same time I started studying IT, without Runescape I needed a new addiction which sadly became narcotics. I spent 2 years studying and being fucked off my head on whatever I could get my hands on. Once I had finished my diploma I started applying for jobs and landed a job at a resources company which luckily for me performs random drug testing which caused me to clean up my act.

My current situation, I am a 24 year old Australian and work for a major diversified resources company, my job is quite broad which I enjoy very much, my general roles are database admin, systems admin and business intelligence. I have 8 years of Java experience, mostly just dabbling and self-teaching, 3 years of C# experience, yet again dabbling and self-teaching and 4 years of sql server experience of which I hold a MCSA. My hobbies include body building which I have been doing religiously for about 4 years now (enhanced), cars of which I own 3 (2010 Golf GTI, 1992 80 series landcruiser and 2001 hsv vx clubsport - I have spent almost $100,000 on purchasing and modifying my cars so far) and trading shares on the ASX (just an amateur).

Anyways just saying hello :)

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welcome @dr_

wow what an impressive introduction, i've read all of it, and you pretty much have knowledge in various of things and one of the best is that u had a programming history which will be a big benefit for you in tribot, since you can script u can make urself ur own scripts or even create for the community and apply for scripter rank for real profit.


i'm not sure what is black hat scene can u explain it to me? i joined rs in late 2006 so maybe i was late for that.

you pretty much did everything from merchanting, pking to explioting bugs, and i think ur place here will fit as long as u strive for it :P

well, u should come to dubai were modifying cars are the best way for business, alot of poeople including my friends spend alot of their money for modifying cars which i don't get it yet but yeah i think u should come for vacation and see how we modify cars 

it all started with the landcruisers now mostly nissan patrols because thats used mostly for desert and local people like it alot

i would suggest something which might work for you, is to host VPS's i think you will do just great too.

welcome aboard again and good luck!



2 hours ago, dr_ said:


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