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Launch Multiple OSRS From A Single Shortcut Using A Batch File

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51 minutes ago, hue123some said:

 please clean your desktop

got 3 monitor's so no need

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Create a batch file by saving a textfile as a ".bat" file type.

Right click the newly created batch file and select "edit"

Paste this script, and change the tribot_loader.jar directory to your own

Save the changes

Run the file to start x number of any client bot client

set numberofclients=[15]


	start java -jar "C:\Users\Danny\Desktop\TRiBot_Loader.jar"
	set /a numberofclients=numberofclients-1

	if %numberofclients% <=0 goto exitloop

goto loop


Unless you're have issues with running tabbed clients, I don't think this is necessary for tribot.

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