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[Completely Rewritten 11-28-16] ftwAIO Fisher - V12.1 | Intelligent |ABCL2 (AntiBan) Officially Rated 10/10

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And Many More...



Support ftwAIO Fisher get the signature! Good job guys! lol






V 1.0 - 3.0 Changes Click Spoiler





Deathwalk to Catherby

Frog Random Support

Strange Plant Support


Bug Fixes

Whirlpool Fix

V 1.1



Deathwalk to Fishing Guild

Barb Rod Retreival

Shilo Banking added again

Bug Fixes


V 1.3



Deathwalk to Fishing Guild Fixed

Banking Fixed

Feather retrieval added (1k at a time)

Now logs out completely if you get a random

Bug Fixes


V 1.4


Deathwalk to South Lumby

Banking Fixed

Feather retrieval added (1k at a time) for Dropping

Some Random fixes

Bug Fixes


V 1.5


Gathering Mini-Bot Added

Bug Fixes

NPC Model Fixes

Shilo Fixes

Paint Displays exp Gained

Paint Displays Fish/HR


V 1.6


Vertical Paint

Scroll over inventory to hide verticle paint

Walking fixes at barbvillage

walking fixes at catherby

Walking fixes at Guild

Obfustication added

New dynamic picture links in script

Pictures can be remotely changed by me(easier Updates)

40+years on bot! :D

Paint Bug Fixes

No Long fishes in wrong Harpoon spot

Shilo Fixes

Spot Detetction fixes in Catherby

Spot Detetction fixes in Guild

MisType Fixed

Cuts fishes faster if knifer is in bottom right of inventory

Walking for BarbFishing fixed



V 1.7


Urgent Fix - Now wont stop after starting


V 1.8


All Walking and MisClicks should be fixed.

Should not get stuck on lumbridge castle middle floor now

Will be fixing barb cutting soon :D


V 1.8.1

Fixed Loader


V 1.9

Finally a Whirlpool fix :D

Whirlpool Fix :D


Drops random items, send me ids of ones it doesn't drop. (IN Progress)

Lots of Bug Fixes


V 1.9.1

Catherby Fixed


V 2.0

Bug Fixes

Barbarian DeathWalk

^Varrock Teleport^

Knife fixed

Will no longer mess up if knife moves while cutting

Barbarian Leap Fishing Deathwalk

^Games Necklace^

Whirlpool Detection Adjusted

Random Run Adjusted

Shouldn't get stuck when running from random


V 2.0.1

Banking is Fixed now


V 2.1

Bug Fixes

All deathwalks fixed :D


V 2.2

Bug Fixes


Ids updated

Gather Equipment fixed! :D


V 2.3

DeathWalk Fixed

Now won't catch gnomeballs in Catherby

Bug Fixes


V 2.4

Walking for Catherby drastically redone

Banking bugs fixed

Minor bugs fixed

Barbarian improved

Anti-Ban improved

Shilo Ids fixed



V 2.5

Will now logout if not gaining experience

Will now print out experience gained and time ran everytime it updates the signature

Bug fixes

Catherby walking adjusted

Edgeville banking adjusted

minor misc changes


V 2.6

New Breaking system

Breaking system is randomized

Painted times for breaking

Will now logout after specified time

Will now logout after achieving certain level

Bug Fixes

Improvements to whirlpools

Should now lose equipment less often


V 2.6

New Breaking system Logo

IDS Updated

Walking debug added in (please paste bot debug when having problems)


V 2.6.1

DeathWalk Fixed

Minor Bug Fixes


V 2.7.1

Breaks Fixed

No Longer stay logged in for long periods of time



V 2.8

MouseKey Dropping

Better Exp at Barb

Bug Fixes


V 2.8.1

MouseKey Dropping Possible Null Fix


V 3.0

No Longer Uses Ids for Fishing Spots

Quicker Spot Selection

More Streamlined to new api

Works on all locations

No more errors


V 3.1

Quick Fix


V 3.2

Whirlpools should be fixed now

Now uses ids when available to better identify spots

Should work more fluently now

Should avoid whirlpools


V 3.3

Ids Updated

banking is broken until tribot updates the api


V 3.5

Ids Updated


Banking is now fixed for retrieving a new item


V 3.6

Ids Updated


Cleaned up the UI and added some bugfixes


V 3.7

Banking Updated

Catherby Walking Altered


V 3.8

Whirlpools Work

Now sends whirlpool id to me for better detection


V 3.9

Bug Fixes

Should now retrieve equiptment from bank better


V 4.0

Bug Fixes

Should no longer get stuck outside of the bank


V 4.1

Bug Fixed

Ids updated

Whirlpools are handled better, not perfect yet (Have extra equipment in bank)


V 4.2

Ids updated

Should now drop at fishing location not the bank in all instances

Whirlpools are handled better, not perfect yet (Have extra equipment in bank) (again)


V 4.3 - 4.4

worked on whirlpools

Deathwalk should now work for guild

No longer gets stuck getting new equipment from bank at guild

Guild no longer gets stuck at goblins

bug fixes


V 4.5

Barbarian walking should now work better

bug fixes


V 4.6

SEERS is now free

Baxtorian fishing worked on

bug fixes


V 4.7

Barbarian should no longer tele you out after random

whirlpools cleared so I can get in fresh ids

bug fixes


V 4.8

Walking updated at barb village

No longer gets stuck

bug fixes


V 4.9

Walking updated at barb village

Banking fixed and improved

Finding spot improved

bug fixes


V 5.0

Banking fixed

Whrilpools fixed

bug fixes




V 10.0

Re-wrote entire script from scratch

There may be bugs but I will fix them and work to make this script better

Welcome to the new age of ftwFisher as promised

Sorry it took so long, heart surgery wasn't very easy to go through


V 10.1

Lots of bug fixes


V 10.2

Shilo should now function correctly

Bug Fixes

Walking Adjustments


V 10.3

Walking adjusted for when there is no spot

Will Now count fish correctly

Should find spots better since it will occasionally move if one is not found.

Bug Fixes


V 10.4

Fishing Guild Big Net and Cage fishing is available on free version

Break times should now be set properly when hitting rerun script

Bug Fixes


V 10.5

Walking adjusted for when there is no spot

Walking for Shilo adjusted

Breaking times now are consistent

Bug Fixes


V 10.6

Will No longer logout after a random

Walking and spot finding have been improved

Free and Premium Edition are now more distinguishable

Bug Fixes


V 10.7

Screenshots now taken when you finish and level up

Bug Fixes

Updated Ids for spots


V 10.8

NEW SPOT, Piscatoris 

temporarily disabled screenshots for levels

Bug Fixes


V 10.9

Will now fish sharks correctly

Bug Fixes


V 11.0


Updated Walking, may need more work soon

More Human Like Mouse Speed

More Human Like Spot Selection

More Human Like Antiban

Unique Antiban for each account

Bug Fixes


V 11.1

A ton of adjustments

A ton of Bug Fixes

More Unique Styles

Fixed Use when dropping bug

fixed walking bug


V 11.2

A ton of adjustments

A ton of Bug Fixes

Rewritten Antiban

Fishing Guild Banking Adjusted

No Longer gets stuck at deposit box


V 11.3

Adjustments to Antiban

Fully implemented requirements for abcl

Switches worlds when in a Bot World

Changed fishing guild walking behavior

No longer gets stuck outside guild

adjusted fishing at Catherby

No longer gets stuck at deposit boxes
no longer has crazy mouse movements

Lots of Bug Fixes


V 11.4

Worldhop now only hops to free if you are free

Worldhop now avoids bot worlds

Worldhop is not more efficient

bug fixes


V 11.5

Shilo Banking Adjusted

Walking at Barbarian adjusted

Bug fixes


V 11.6

CPU is now drastically lowered

Minor changes to format of code to account for no more whirlpools

Minor changes to code to improve performance

Guild, Baxtorian, and other locations are being looked at for next update

Bug fixes


V 11.7

CPU is now lowered

Anti ban should be drastically improved

Break times are now more human like

reaction times are human like

Karamja added with dropping only (banking to come)

Way in which spots are clicked is changed

delay between walking and clicking changed


V 11.8

Karamja with Banking added (Not Test so please report bugs)


-You need coins in your inventory (60gp per trip)-

-Script uses deposit box and will log out when you are out of coins-


V 11.9

Karamja should be fixed now, banking with deposit box should work

New Payment Methods Available


1 Month = $3

2 Month = $6

3 Month = $8

LifeTime = $15


(Limited 3 accounts at a time)

LifeTime = $12


V 12.0
Just go try it!



How Do I Get The Code?
The script is automatically added to your account after purchase

Edited by NewBotterFTW
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Crap, I messed up the post when I got rid of the admin/mod please check this.

Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, I've seen the source, it's clean and nice. Script sales are now open if OP wishes.

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this bot get me 44-76 fishing 1 week, i got 13k raw lobster at bank!! thi is the best script ever. literally better than rsbots.net hahahahh

thanks for your script bro

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I own the script amazing work mate

hahah Thanks :P

this bot get me 44-76 fishing 1 week, i got 13k raw lobster at bank!! thi is the best script ever. literally better than rsbots.net hahahahh

thanks for your script bro

Haaha idk about that :P Thanks!



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Still waiting to receive it :s excited though!

Email sent out regarding this :(

Hey was looking to purchase this script, But via RSGP... Possible? If so how much?

2m07 or 50mEOC Skype: Clintuck

Just bought the beta :D

Thanks! :D I sent out an email just now regarding this.

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i just bought the beta. how long does it take to send out the script =D

Sent an email regarding this :D

Do u think I could make back the money that I paid for the script?

I make about 12$ a day on 6 accounts doing lobs so for sure!

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