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King Khurram

[SOLVED] Error when attempting to create an Instance of ABC2

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I am currently making  a script, and I am at the point where I would like to add Antiban.

The problem is, after I attempt to create an instance of ABC2, i receive THIS error. Below is a snippet of the code.

public class AlKharidTanner extends Script {
    // ABCL2
    public static final ABC2Util abc_util = new ABC2Util();

I receive this error twice on the above code, and once in the import statement regarding ABCL2. If it helps, I also noticed that I could not find this specific class in the external library, as shown HERE.

Please, any help would be appreciated. I read three of Trilez's guides (Tutorial on how to script, Antiban1 and ABC2), and still could not find a way to solve this issue. If I also try to construct a variable, and try to access a method of ABC2, I cannot find it after the dot.

int run_at = this.abc_util.

Thank you in advance. Below is my entire code if needed.

package scripts;

import org.tribot.api.Clicking;
import org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking;
import org.tribot.api.General;
import org.tribot.api.Timing;
import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse;
import org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition;
import org.tribot.api.util.ABC2Util;
import org.tribot.api2007.*;
import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSItem;
import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSNPC;
import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile;
import org.tribot.script.Script;
import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;

 * Created by ____ on 2016-08-13.

@ScriptManifest(authors = "fffff", name = "King Al Kharid Tanner v1.00", category = "Money")
public class AlKharidTanner extends Script {
    // ABCL2
    public static final ABC2Util abc_util = new ABC2Util();

    private static final int COIN_ID = 995;
    private static final int COWHIDE_ID = 1739;
    private static final int LEATHER_ID = 1741;
    private static final int HARD_LEATHER_ID = 1743;
    private static final int TANNER_NPC_ID = 3231;
    private static final int TANNING_INTERFACE_INDEX = 324;

    // For now, I will only declare one tile, as my knowledge regarding banning is low.
    private static final RSTile TANNER_TILE = new RSTile(3274,3191,0);

    private static final int MIN_X_SOFT_LEATHER = 73;
    private static final int MIN_Y_SOFT_LEATHER = 87;
    private static final int MAX_X_SOFT_LEATHER = 114;
    private static final int MAX_Y_SOFT_LEATHER = 121;

    // getMousePosition() consumes nothing, to produce an array with 2 element, indicating the coordinates where the
    //  mouse should click to tan hides.
    // getMousePosition: None -> Int[]
    private int[] getMousePosition(){
        int x_position = General.random(this.MIN_X_SOFT_LEATHER, this.MAX_X_SOFT_LEATHER);
        int y_position = General.random(this.MIN_Y_SOFT_LEATHER, this.MAX_Y_SOFT_LEATHER);

        int temp_array[] = {x_position, y_position};
        return temp_array;


    // bank() consumes nothing to produce a boolean determining if we were successful in banking the items.
    // bank: None -> Bool
    private boolean bank(){
        // Open the bank

        // Let's ensure that the banking interface is actually opened.
        if (!Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
            public boolean active() {
                return Banking.isBankScreenOpen();
            }}, General.random(2000, 3500))){

            // Banking interface has not opened. Return false, we were unable to bank.
            System.out.println("FAILED TO BANK");
            return false;
        // Banking interface is opened now, commence the rest of the operation.

        // Deposit all items but coins in bank.
        General.sleep(250, 1000);

        // Withdraw cowhides. The "0" indicates that we are going to "Withdraw all".
        if (!Banking.withdraw(0, COWHIDE_ID)){
            // Unable to withdraw items, return false.
            System.out.println("FAILED TO BANK");
            return false;

        // Normal people dont close banking interface, so leave it open. Everything has been completed. Return true.
        System.out.println("SUCCESSFULLY BANKED");
        return true;

        // v1.00 Test results: Seems like no issue what so ever.

    // inBank() consumes nothing to produce true if the player is near a bank, false otherwise.
    // inBank: None -> Bool
    private boolean inBank(){
        boolean in_bank = Banking.isInBank();

        System.out.println("Are we in the bank :" + in_bank);
        return in_bank;

    // inTanner() consumes nothing to produce a boolean which indicates whether we are near the tanner or not.
    // inTanner: None -> Bool
    private boolean inTanner(){
        // Search to see if we can find the tanner
        final RSNPC[] tanner = NPCs.findNearest(TANNER_NPC_ID);

        // Did we find the tanner? Null check so we don't recieve a unbounded array error afterwards.
        if (tanner.length < 1){
            // Could not find the tanner. Return false.
            return false;

        // Tanner is near us, let's check if he's on the screen. If he isn't turn camera towards him.
        if (!tanner[0].isOnScreen()){
            // we get the tile position of the tanner, and then turn the camera towards it.

        // Now, there are a few things we must consider:
            // We must wait, until the camera has fully moved before clicking.
            // Once camera has stopped, tanner may have moved away, therefore we have to do it again.

        // The Timing class has a method waitCondition which allows us to do this. It waits an alloted amount of time,
        //  in hope a certain condition will result in true. The condition we will use is if the tanner is on screen.
        //   if it doesn't happen in the alloted time, we will presume that we are not near the tanner, and return false.
        boolean test = (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
            public boolean active() {
                return tanner[0].isOnScreen();
        }, General.random(3000, 4000)));
        System.out.println("Are we in the tanner: " + test);
        return test;

        // v1.00 Test results: Seems fine. An issue may occur because it turns to it, but tanner may move from screen +
        //  barely shows him.

    // walkToTanner() consumes nothing to produce a booleans, that determines whether we were successful in walking
    //  towards the tanner.
    // walkToTanner: None -> Bool
    private boolean walkToTanner(){
        // Walk to the tanner tiles
        if (!WebWalking.walkTo(TANNER_TILE)){
            System.out.println("FAILED TO WALK TO TANNER");
            return false;

        // Wait till we arive to the tile.
        if (!Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
            public boolean active() {
                return inTanner();
            }, General.random(8000, 13000))) {

            // Were unable to get near the tanner.
            System.out.println("FAILED TO WALK TO THE TANNER, DID NOT MAKE IT IN TANNER.");
            return false;

        // We have made walked to the tanner, and are succesfully inside the tanner building, or near tanner. True.
        System.out.println("SUCCESFULLY WALKED TO TANNER.");
        return true;

        // v1.00 seems fine.

    // walkToBank() consumes nothing to produce a boolean indicating whether we were successful with regards to walking
    //  to the bank.
    // walkToBank: None -> Bool
    private boolean walkToBank(){
        // Walk to the bank.

        // Ensure that we arrive at the bank.
        if (!Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
            public boolean active() {
                return inBank();
        }, General.random(8000, 13000))) {

            // Were unable to get near the banker.
            System.out.println("FAILED TO WALK TO THE BANK, DID NOT MAKE IT IN BANK.");
            return false;

        System.out.println("SUCCESSFULLY WALKED TO THE BANK.");
        return true;

        //v1.00 seems fine.

    // tan() consumes nothing to produce a boolean determining whether we were successful in tanning the hides or not.
    // tan: None -> Bool
    private boolean tan(){
        // We are at the tanning location. Time to turn hides into leather. We will begin by findin the NPC that tans.
        final RSNPC[] tanner = NPCs.findNearest(TANNER_NPC_ID);

        // Null check, check if we actually found him.
        if (tanner.length < 1){
            // We did not find the tanner, we cannot tan. Return false.
            return false;

        // We found the tanner. Now let's try to get our stuff tanned.
        DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(tanner[0], "Trade");

        // The following statements heavily rely on whether or on the correct interface is opened. Using the interface
        //  explorer, the tanners interface has an index value of 324. This will be used with conjuction with the
        //   Timing class to ensure that the interface is opened before we do the other statements.
        if (!Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
            public boolean active() {
                return (Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(TANNING_INTERFACE_INDEX));
        }, General.random(2500, 4000))){
            return false;

        // We have successfully opened the tanning interface. Now, let's move the mouse to the soft leather section.
        int temp_pos[] = getMousePosition();
        int temp_x = temp_pos[0];
        int temp_y = temp_pos[1];

        Mouse.move(temp_x, temp_y);
        // perhaps needs a sleep?

        // We know should be hovering over the tanning option for soft leather. Lets tan all.
        Mouse.click(3);                     // Right clicks.
        ChooseOption.select("Tan All");     // Selects "Tan All" option.

        // We will now do one final check to ensure that our inventory is comprised of only leather and coins.
        //  This is so we 100% know if we successfully tanned. This will be done by checking if we have more than one
        //   leather within our inventory (as we started with 0. We will do this once the interface is closed, since
        //    it automatically closes when finished.

                /*if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {
                    public boolean active() {
                        return !(Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(TANNING_INTERFACE_INDEX));
                }, General.random(1000, 1200))){
                    // Interface is still valid, for whatever reason. We could close and try again, but for now, just return
                    //  false.
                    System.out.println("WE FAILED TO TAN");
                    return false;

        General.sleep(1500, 3000);
        if (Inventory.getCount(this.LEATHER_ID) == 0){
            // We have FAILED TO tan, return false.
            System.out.println("FAILED TANNED. RETURNING FALSE.");
            return false;

        // We have succesfully tanned, return true.
        System.out.println("SUCCESSFULLY TANNED. RETURNING TRUE.");
        return true;

        // v1.00 works beautifully. sOMETIMES doesnt click trade tanner.

    // invetoryCheck(RSItem[]) is a function that consumes a RSItem[] in order to determine how the script should begin.
    //  it produces nothing.
    // invetoryCheck: RSItem[] -> None
    private String inventoryCheck(RSItem[] inventory){
        // No items in inventory check.
        if (inventory.length < 1){
            // Go to bank and get your shit.
            return "Go to banker.";

        // Let's check if coins are even in the Inventory. If they are, check if we have cow-hides. If not, go to bank.
        } else if (coinInInvetory(inventory)){
            // Lets check if the inventory is comprised of only cowhides and coins.
            inventory = Inventory.filterDuplicates(inventory);

            if (inventory.length == 2 &&
                    ((Inventory.getCount(COWHIDE_ID)) > 1)){
                    // Now, so far, we have proved that there are coins in the inventory, and cowhides only. We are done
                    //  here. We just need to go to tanner. We can now enter the loop.
                    return "Go to Tanner.";
        return "Go to banker.";

    // coinInInventory consumes an RSItem[] to produce a boolean, determining whether or not coins
    //  were found in the inventory.
    private boolean coinInInvetory(RSItem[] inventory){
        if ((Inventory.find(COIN_ID)).length >= 1){
            System.out.println("We found the coins.");
            return true;
            System.out.println("No coins found.");
            return false;

    public void run() {

        System.out.println("Initiating start up.");
        System.out.println("Please ensure that coins are in your inventory.");

        while (true){
            // For CPU.

            // First step should be identifying where you are, and doing the tasks accordingly. Let's check if we are
            //  at the bank. If we are, check if inventory is full of cowhides, leather, or neither.
            if (inBank()){
                // If we are in the bank, determine if we want to bank, or leave the bank.

                // If we have more than 1 leather in inventory, just go to bank and start from there.
                if (Inventory.getCount(COWHIDE_ID) > 1) {
                } else {

            } else if (inTanner()){
                // Determine whether we already have tanned cowhides or not.

                // if we have cowhides, tan them.
                if (Inventory.getCount(COWHIDE_ID) > 1) {
                } else {
                    // We don't have any cowhides in inventory. Go to bank.

            } else {
                // You are in the middle of nowhere. Check if you need to go to the bank, or to the tanner.

                if (Inventory.getCount(COWHIDE_ID) > 1){
                } else {



SOLUTION: Was using a depreciated class as c#2bot has stated. Used the appropriate class and import statement and it worked.

Edited by King Khurram

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