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Jakob turnup

Im new at botting

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Hi guys ive already bought vip e license and now im searching for a combat script to level up my new account.

I searched quite long and read a few tutorials how to bot, and how to do it human like :)

so i quite ready to go but my questions are:

What premium script should i use?

And i really want the account getting banned so, where should i bot?

Ill be very thankful if you guys can give me a little startup like where to bot to get my acc started :)

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Use the seagull script if you're starting off fresh, They barely hit and have decent hp. Would run that for an hour, use a 30 minute break and keep going till you reach your 20s or 30s if you want faster exp. Then if you wanted premium, Do sand crabs at Zeah. It's $5.99 per auth, but it's very safe because a lot of people afk and it has abc2 l10 on it. Just make sure you use breaks, that's very important, Like 2cups water to 1 cup rice, 4 hour combat botting to 2-8 hour breaks.

Then if your account is still good to go, you can check out the money makin scripts like green drags and such!

Good lucky my friend!




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