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Hello everyone, I'm looking for feedback and tips for a future reference. I used to play OSRS a few years ago and I have had previous exp botting before. I had a variety of accounts that mostly used rsbots.net scrips until they got shut down. I used scripts to get 99 fishing, agility, and strength once on a few accounts that I had. I'm now starting to get back into the game and of coarse I'm going to bot. However, I'm new to the botting once again. Anyways, I had a f2p account that i wanted to test this sites bots on. Before i made a commitment to getting p2p and the commitment to paying for a premium script, preferably agility, fishing and a combat one, I wanted to test out the script, and see how it ran. The two free scripts I decided to test was the men at edgeville combat, and also the |W| cow killer. The men one wasn't working well at all, and also the cow one was working okay. I botted for two hours to see how well it worked and used it to get comfortable with the script setup. I stopped the bot after two hours and the next morning on 7/5/16, I got banned. Any reasons for this? I looked at my account activity and said something about a mod. Maybe a mod came up to me and analyzed my behavior during the botting and banned me? I would like to know, what the difference is between the free bots and the premium bots. How much more likely am I going to get away with it? Of coarse I'd use breaks, and set he mouse perameters to a more human liek behavior, but I would like to know any tips that would minimize my chances of a permanent ban. Thanks for the feedback.

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Honestly, you might have gotten an out of date script or players reported you because they either talked to you and you didnt reply. or you just had bot like movements. (Which is not talking while you're "actively" killing stuff). So you need to bot something that can be used anywhere. i Would recommend (highly) on using exnightmare script. premium but i am currently using it. I have gotten 92-93 att, 89-94 def and 96-98 str with it. it is honestly one of the lowest ban rate possibly. since you can start it in any world and it will stay in there for hours at a time and refill up on potions and stuff needed. (if you are using dh). It is also very versatile. For agility, i havent used any other one but aAgility. Which is the person who makes very good anti-bans. I have done 15-77 mining from one of his/her scripts. (aMiner [premium]). I would invest into a new VPS or something to change your IP. I have no idea how flagging your IP works. But i was banned once before and i used the same accounts on the same IP to bot and didn't get banned until using a free script to see how it is. So im not sure if it is flagged after first ban or not. And for fishing, i use the auto fisher, its also premium. But i havent been able to get a level on it as i am lvl 99. I just do it to get some raw fish for bossing. I ended up having 2k monk fish before stopping and no bans there. so good luck. hopefully i helped you my friend. Aropupu/ starfox/erickho is probably the scripts to go for. Tribot is actually the best botting there is. I was OSbot user and i got banned from using their scripts and as i said before. check the more recent replies to scripts and see if it is a dead script or not. Not many scripters update their scripts often. Tribot offers human-like mouse movements and great ABC2 precautions to ensure they have the lowest ban rates. But as every botting site will tell you. We are breaking the rules just by botting and you will possibly end up being banned sooner or later. So if you bot, use accounts that mean nothing to you. Happy gold farming/botting :)

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