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TheD Scripter Application v2

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I'd like to start off by asking you to read this: 

As you can read I have been gone for some time, against my will. I understand that I have to re-earn my scripter rank, and that is the reason why I am re-applying for the rank.

My previous scripter application can be found here.

~~Start of Application~~

1) Snipplets: 
https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9493-snippets-some-random-event-codes-instructions/ Random events (Niles, giles, miles, mime, frog island) (OLD)

https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9496-snippet-big-monster-attacking-looting/ an alternative way for attacking big monsters. (OLD)

https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9841-snippet-walking-method/ Walking method (OLD)


2) Tutorials:

https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9844-simple-version-check/ Version checking (OLD)
https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9499-tut-news-system/ News system (New)


3) Randoms/updates submitted: 
I have send the code for solving; Niles, Giles, Miles, Sandwich lady, Frog Island to Trilez. I have also posted them recently here in the form of a snippet: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9493-snippets-some-random-event-codes-instructions/ (OLD)

4) Scripts available to the public: 

Pre-note: I made all the scripts mostly in one class, so it was easier to get it up on pastebin.

DChickens [thread] [Source]  
DGnomeAgility [thread] [Source] 
DClay [thread] [Source]
DStunAlcher [thread] [Source] 

DCows [thread] [Source] *LATEST* This one was created last, and reflects my programming knowledge best, in my opinion.


5) Short biography / Coding Experience: 
Hi, I am TheD which stands for TheDutch. I come from the Netherlands and am currently 22 years young. Before I was sent to jail (read story above) I was working on my own Game Framework in C++ based on SDL & OpenGL. In the past I have created several games and have been the owner of a RuneScape Private server in the past with around 250 players online at the same time. I have also created several zombie maps for Call of Duty - World at War. Search for "TripleMGames" on YouTube, and you'll find maps our team created. Besides that I love to work with raspberry pi and hack WII Remotes to create my own custom remote controllers such as a belt I created for RollBotic (See YouTube) 

I am experienced in the following programming languages:
- C++
- C#
- Java
- JavaScript

I Started programming around 7 years ago, I have programmed robots since when RSBuddy was first released. I always strive to think one step forward in anti ban and detection of the bots. Besides all that I have always been one of the leaders in private script development. On TRiBot alone I had over 15 private scripts in 2013. Like I said in my last submission I do not want to keep scripts to myself anymore. I find it much more satisfying to release all my creations to the public.


6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter:

I have been on TRiBot since nearly the start of 07scape, I am always trying to create new innovative scripts that offer more. I unfortunately have been absent in the past, but I am trying my hardest and am currently re-integrating to the community. Taking feedback and improving what I do based on the feedback I get. However, my scripts run and ran flawless for countless hours on end, and I will continue to release both free & premium scripts (once I can). I believe that I can provide TRiBot with quality scripts that the community needs. 


7) What you plan to provide the community with: 
Knowledge about anti ban, and how ABC2 is a tool to assist you in writing a safe script, not the entire solution. I'd like to create both free, premium and open sourced scripts where I can. I take script requests already, and am just releasing them to the public for free :).

8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? 
Yes, absolutely

9) Extra

I like to believe that my knowledge is different than others, I might not write scripts just like everyone else, but they work, and have always had a low ban-rate on the structure. 
I would ask other script writers to not only answer yes or no, but if you got any feedback for me, on any script,guide,tutorial or just code structure. Please post below or send as a private message to @TheD feedback can help me improve, and that's my main goal. :)

Thanks for your time to read this thread.

Kind regards,

DScripting - TheD

Edit: Added a script that best reflects my actual knowledge of programming in Java for Tribot. See the source: https://github.com/DScripting/DCows


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Your attitude is pretty great, your code is pretty terrible. I'm not sure how to combine that into a yes/no vote at this time. 


Edit: After going through more of your code, it has to be a no. Just way too bad. 

Edited by Assume
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If the application was solely judged on attitude & character, you would probably pass with flying colors. Unfortunately, it's not.

I don't want to come off too strong, but the code is definitely stopping me from voting yes.

It's a no from me, for now. I'll PM you with my observations later today when I'm not too busy.

Edited by Final Calibur
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Like said above, your attitude towards criticism and scripting overall is impressive. 

However, my vote remains no because your code does not meet a scriptwriter's code. I suggest rewriting your scripts with the criticism you are given here and reapply in the next 2-3 weeks with your improved code. Please don't apply with old poor code.

To begin with, your chicken killer is quite cluttered for a simple chicken killer.

private long Start_str_XP = Skills.getXP(SKILLS.STRENGTH);

This should be lower camel case according to oracle conventions. Your naming is not consistent in some cases.

As well, the entire class is cluttered. Your code is not organized or structured at ALL. The code is already eye bothering to read. If you were to write a bigger script, this will become a problem. Don't shove everything into one class.



  1. if(Interfaces.get(233, 2) != null)
  2.         {
  3.             Interfaces.get(233, 2).click("Continue");
  4.             DAntiban.smartSleep(750,900);
  5.         }

You are not properly nullchecking. Your application should actually be auto denied because of https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32245-scripting-knowledge-requirements

Good thing is that proper null checking is an easy concept to grasp. You should first cache the interface to prevent a NPE. 


As well, you have a newsloader class however in every script, you define latestNews and newsStartTime. This is so redundant and you could easily fix this by making it part of your NewsLoader class. 


  1.  RSObject[] rope = Objects.getAt(new RSTile(2478,3420,2));
  2.             if(rope[0] != null && rope.length > 0)  DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(rope[0], "Walk-on");
  3.             goSleep(2000);

This is wrong in so many ways. You cannot check if rope[0] is null before checking if rope.length > 0. This will result in an AOOB exception.  (Short circuit evaluation).

This method will go to sleep even if the rope did not exist. It will also go to sleep if it failed to click the object.  (This is shown throughout your script as well)


Begin to use RSArea. Stop doing RSTile#getX() < xx and RSTile#getX() > xx. It just shows that you are not THAT famliar with the API yet.


There's just too many flaws with your script. It's extremely unorganized and cluttered. 

Please read trilez scripting tutorial to give you a REALLY good idea of how you can start off on the RIGHT foot: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/30185-trilezs-scripting-tutorial/



If this application gets denied, dont submit your old code again with your application otherwise it'll be accounted against you again. Submit code that reflects you currently. skimmed through your code enough to know you're not ready for, however without a doubt, I'm sure you will take this criticism and improve your code. 


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As pointed out above, while you may be a solid candidate there are some logical issues and many null pointer exceptions that are waiting to pop. Work on those and re-apply, thanks and good luck.

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