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[[sTaTiiC]] RuneScape Completionist Account From Scratch

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RuneScape Max Cape.pngRuneScape Completionist Account From ScratchRuneScape Max Cape.png

[[DAY 2]]

This thread will be used to track my progress in completing the RuneScape Completionist challenge, updates shall be posted on average once every one to five days (Expect a lot of updates for the first couple of months due to the speed of achieving levels) If you have any questions refer to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) or comment below and I will try answer to the best of my ability.



[[DAY 1-5]]


[[DAY 1]]


Account has officially been started completing tutorial island and will now be taken through a short quests list to gain some base levels. Quests such as: Waterfall Quest, Tree Gnome Village and Murder Mystery will be prime targets to complete upon day one.

RuneScape Tutorial Island Complete.png

First item of Prospector bought, the account has been very unlucky with the drop rate of golden nuggets at the Motherload Mine totalling only 31 nuggets (32-48 Mining) The initial plan is to continue to train mining within the Motherload mine until full Prospector has been achieved (48-60+ Mining)

RuneScape Day 1 Prospector Boots.png

Day one has finally come to a close leaving the account with a total level of 406 with the leading skill of mining totalling 48, Base quests such as: Waterfall Quest, Tree Gnome Village and Murder Mystery have been complete leaving day one to be more than successful.

RuneScape Day 1 Stats.png

[[DAY 2]]


Day two slowly coming to an end leaving us with a total level of 571 and still a remaining leading skill of mining totalling 50, Base quests such as: Lost City, Priest in Peril and Animal Magnetism are still to be completed... However, progress to their required skills have been slowly been progressing.

RuneScape Day 2 Stats.png

Range training at Thugs (Level 1-3 Wilderness) gained the account its first Looting Bag between levels 10-28 range allowing the account to equip the dorgeshuun crossbow for future range training.

RuneScape Day 2 Looting Bag.png

Finally brining RuneScapes latest update today involving Master Clue Scrolls I thought it might be a little fun to complete an Easy Clue Scroll gathered from training range at Thugs (Level 1-3 Wilderness)

RuneScape Day 2 First Clue Scroll.png

[[DAY 3]]


Day three drawing to an end with a lot of progress being made towards crafting nature runes, 44 runecrafting has been achieved allowing the account to create nature runes through the abyss. The next 24 hours will be interesting as most of the time will be spent on the skills (Agility and Mining) to successfully pass through the abyss.

RuneScape Day 3 Stats.png



- What is an completionist account?

A completionist account is an account that has achieved a large range of tasks, these tasks can be found below.


- Will this account have any use of macros applied to its creation?

No, everything that will be completed will be achieved by hand.

Edited by sTaTiiC

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Good luck! Will check back in 2 years to see how you're going ;)

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Thread updated with day two progress, a lot has been achieved within the short time period the account has had to train. I have also adjusted the style of the thread so hopefully it will be clearer to the read and provide more in depth details to those who enjoy reading the updates!

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On ‎07‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 0:14 AM, AussieBotter said:

Wow really nice 2 day progress! How many hours are you playing per day?

My time on the account changes per day due to real life events and focusing on other projects, around day five il take a screen shot of total hours played for those that are interested.

Thread updated with third days progress on the account, a lot of progress has been made towards efficient money making for future goals. Reaching a total level of 682 it will be interesting to see if we can reach a total of 750-800 before the first five days come to an end. Overall progress is on target for the account and the overall statistics should be complete to base train in key locations within the first five days.

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