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[ABCL 10] Netami's F2P Account Starter

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Welcome to the script for Netami's F2P Account Starter!

This script is designed to quickly and efficiently start your F2P accounts for you! Leveling a total up 8 F2P skills, Netami's F2P Account Starter will help your goldfarming accounts appear more legitimate. The current skills supported are:

  • Combat (Attack, Strength, and Defence)
  • Woodcutting
  • Mining
  • Smithing
  • Fishing
  • Cooking

The goals to which the script will trained are randomly chosen from a user-defined range for each "mission". This input can either be done through either script arguments, or, if these are absent, through the simple GUI. Script arguments following this form:


This example shows each mission as randomly choosing between levels 15 and 20.
Example stats from a script run with these settings:



The script is designed to use directly off tutorial island, though I have plans to add tutorial island in the future. Simple start the script where you spawn off tutorial island, and the script will take care of the rest!

Example of paint (colored bars are % to goal):








Available soon(TM) on the repository!

Edited by Netami
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