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open bank and put inventory on bank and close bank.

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i tryed to script my own a script that just open bank(any bank where i'm standing in) empty inv. and close bank. and then stops without loggin out. but every i try is not working. can someone help me?


-opening bank

-empty inventory in bank

-close bank

-stop script

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I typed this up really quick, hope it helps. It's extremely basic and not something you should use on an account you wish to keep.

This is also limited to major banks on runescape, if you wish to have other areas for banking you will have to change the method.

	private boolean Bank(){
		if(Banking.isInBank() && !Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){//If is in bank, and bank screen isn't open
			sleep(100,300); //Sleeps 100 to 300 milliseconds in case of bad loop to prevent lag
		}else if(Inventory.isFull() && Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){
			Banking.depositAll(); //If inventory is full & Bank screen is open, deposit all
			sleep(100,300); //Removable sleep
			//At this point, in your main loop you want a break point. 
			//This is how you end the script unless a different method is implemented.
		return false;


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