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Hello everyone! Trying something new

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Hello everyone, 

My forum name is "KillJaak", I'm 19 years old. I live in Belgium and I'm in my second-year bachelor IT. I started coding when I was 15 years old, started playing rs back in 2007. Wrote my first script for another botting website (who cannot be named I guess, I'm not really sure what the rules are for that) 3 years ago. I have the Scriptwriter rank there, but I feel like the client is lacking some key features and the development is really slow. So I think it's time to try something new and make my intro here. 

I came to this site because the quality of the client and the scripts are amazing! What I'm going to do now is make a few scripts and start learning the API. 

My goal is to eventually earn the Scripter rank and have several great scripts online! I'm not looking to make premium scripts because I don't do this for money. It's for my own entertainment because I love programming! :) 

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