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31 minutes ago, gltiched said:




The Stakers that ask for 1.1x or sometimes 1.2x

You need A LOT of money for xing to be successful, it's main key factor is long term statistics, so if you only have enough gold for 1-20 stakes its not worth. You need to be able to stake at least 100+ times constantly for it to work. 

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Well its obvious that they make money on the 1.1x when the odds obviously do not warrant a 1.1x. The people that stake them are usually the ones about to get cleaned and can't find anyone to call their stakes, or the ones that are delusional enough to believe that staking the xers would give them a significant advantage on their YOLO stake. 


I've YOLO staked them once and won, but I just can't be asked to do it again with the -10% on the pot.

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