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What Supplements Do You Take?

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What Supplements Do You Take?

I'm very curious to hear which supplements everyone is taking. I personally take an absurd amount of them (I spend approximately $200/month on supplements alone). I'm also not just talking about body building supplements, but supplements such as multivitamins, melatonin, etc.

So, which supplements do you take? (If you're interested, you can check out the list of supplements that I take below).

Daily Supplements


Fish Oil x3

If you don't already know the benefits of fish oil, I would highly recommend reading up on it. Fish oil is a supplement that many nutritionists agree should be taken by everyone, unless you have an allergy or some other medical reason not to take them. It gives you a feeling of natural "alertness", as well as energy and a plethora of health benefits. I would highly recommend it (unless you eat fish on a daily basis).

Legion Phoenix x4 (Fat Burner) - Taken w/ Caffeine 300mg

Has a bunch of stuff that helps burn extra calories and target fat. I have no idea how effective this stuff is, but I do know that at least 2 of the ingredients are legitimate (something from green tea and something from peppers; can't remember the name of either). This is one of those things that probably doesn't do all that much, but I take anyways on the off chance that it does.

Legion Triumph x4 (Multivitamin)

After looking through a bunch of different multivitamins, this is the one I landed on. It contains virtually everything I might need, plus a single dose is 8 pills so I can limit the amount I take if I need to (mainly heavy metals, specifically zinc).

Legion Fortify x2

Fortify is a "natural remedy" that is designed to help with joint pain, and potentially help prevent arthritis as you get older. Both of these things sound pretty good to me, and after doing some research, it seems like there is some real science behind these claims. I don't know exactly how effective this supplement is (if at all), but it is cheap enough that it is worth taking on the off chance that it will provide the benefits that it claims it will.

Legion Genesis

This stuff is... well... how do I put this.......... absolutely disgustingly vile. It is one of the worst things that I have ever tasted, and if you look it up and take a look at the ingredients, you will understand why.

Genesis is a "greens supplement"; it contains a bunch of vegetables that have been pulverized into a fine powder that can be easily dissolved into pretty much any liquid in the same way you would with protein powder. It contains, broccoli, kale, spinach, some sort of root, and a bunch of other vegetables in 1 single revolting scoop of pure hell. That said, I do not like the taste of vegetables, nor am I fond of the time it takes to prepare them properly, so I suffer through a scoop of Genesis every morning to lower the amount of vegetables I need to eat each day (I still eat vegetables, just not as many).

One last note is that like many Legion Athletics products like this one, Genesis contains Stevia (a supposedly-not-bad-for-you sugar substitute), and I am not a big fan. It's not like the Stevia makes it any more tolerable anyways, so I wish Legion would just remove it entirely. That is really my only complaint here, other than the putrid taste.

Adderall XR 30mg

This is obviously not a supplement, but I included it here anyways because a lot of the other supplements I take revolve around it. I have horrendously bad ADHD, and 30mg is barely enough. That said, Adderall is something I learned the hard way to be careful with, so I have tried to lower my dose as much as possible to a point at which it is still effective.


Fish Oil x1

Legion Triumph x4

Early Evening

Legion Phoenix x4 - Taken w/ Caffeine 300mg

Adderall XR 20mg OR Adderal IR 10mg-15mg

Late Evening

Magnesium 200mg

Magnesium supposedly helps combat Adderall tolerance, which is something I sorely need to avoid.


Melatonin 12mg


L-Theanine 500mg

L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps relax your brain and calm you down. My brain tends to think a lot, so this helps me not stay up all night thinking about random things.

Doxylamine 12.5mg

An antihistamine that helps make you drowsy. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is another popular sleep-aid that I used to take, but there have been studies linking it to decreased cognitive ability over time, so I no longer take it.

ZMA x3

Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, more commonly known as ZMA, assists in recovery while concurrently functioning as a form of sleep-aid. ZMA enhances REM sleep, which can cause some really wacky dreams. This is a supplement that I was quite pleasantly surprised works very well at both of its supposed functions, and I now take it every night at the following ratios per capsule: 10.5mg Vitamin B6, 450mg Magnesium, and 30mg Zinc.

Situational Supplements

Non-Fitness Related


5-HTP is known to produce seratonin when metabolized (unproven). Adderall can mess with natural seratonin production, so if I ever feel depressed when coming down from Adderall, I take 5-HTP. It seems to work.


I take L-Tyrosine for the same reason I take 5-HTP. Rather than seratonin, L-Tyrosine is known to produce dopamine when metabolized. If I am ever feeling depressed when coming down from Adderall, I take L-Tyrosine. Like 5-HTP, it seems to work.


Antacids increase the potency of Adderall, as well as shorten its duration. Unlike many who abuse the drug, I actually take Tums for the latter effect if I need to take Adderall later in the day, but need it to wear off early enough so I can fall asleep.

Fitness Related

BCAA and L-Glutamine

I take BCAAs and Glutamine both in capsule form. Contrary to what some believe, if you take these supplements in the form of capsules, you will get the same benefits that you would from dissolving powder into a drink. On another note, I have only noticed a difference when taking BCAAs (L-Glutamine didn't have a noticeable effect the several times I took it alone as an experiment), but I take L-Glutamine anyway because both BCAA and L-Glutamine are some of the cheapest fitness supplements available.

Legion Pulse

This stuff (powder) is absolutely insane. When I take it, I feel like Iron Man. It gives me a huge, clean burst of energy that lasts for roughly 60-75 minutes depending on the dose. The inclusion of L-Theanine in the formula allows for a smooth rush of caffeine energy on top of the Caffeine and Beta Alanine (which makes my skin tingle, starting with my face). The individual supplements that make up the composition of Pulse can be purchased separately, but only needing to take a single scoop rather than mixing a bunch of things together makes the process a whole lot easier.

If you don't want to spend the money on Pulse, or if Legion Athletics isn't available in your country, I would at least recommend taking Beta Alanine, Caffeine, and L-Theanine pre-workout. The smooth energy rush you will get will change your workout entirely.

Legion Forge

This stuff is... weird. I take it 15 minutes before a workout, and it supposedly helps with fat loss. The primary ingredient in Forge is called Yohimbine HCL; it is definitely the strangest and most exotic supplement I take, but it does have some insane benefits: It mobilizes stubborn adipose fat so it can be more easily used as energy, therefore making it far easier for you to get rid of it. Nice, huh? You can read all about its supposed various effects on Legion Athletic's website, but know that I take it just as that extra "boost" that can only be doing good.

However, Forge has 2 major side effects: First, it gives me a horrible upset stomach. As I've gotten used to it this has improved slightly, but it is still incredibly unpleasant. Second, it makes everything taste like f*cking metal. If you don't know what metal tastes like, trust me when I say that it tastes like shit. While the metallic taste is active (starts about 2 hours after I take Forge, ends about 2-3 hours after that), there is absolutely nothing in the world that is edible. So... Yeah. That also indirectly helps with weight loss I guess...?

Update (06/14/16): After doing additional research and building up my tolerance to the Yohimbine HCL, I have discovered that the main cause of the horrible side effects listed above is a high heart rate; specifically when you do any anaerobic exercise (sprinting, lifting weights, etc). This causes blood to be taken away from your organs to help fuel your muscles, and then as soon as you stop the anaerobic exercise, it rushes straight back to your organs. One of the effects of Yohimbine HCL is bringing blood to this area, so this effect is magnified significantly, which actually caused me to immediately vomit after finishing an all-out sprint when taking Forge last week. Needless to say, having learned my lesson, I now exclusively exercise via MISS when taking any form of Yohimbine HCL (i.e., Forge).

Whey Protein Powder

I am running out of time here, so I'll make this quick: To those who don't know, whey is a fast protein. This means it takes approximately 20 minutes to be converted into amino acids, and that amino acid level spike it causes is quite large. Consequently, the spike doesn't last as long. This is why whey is an excellent post-workout and post-meal choice, which is exactly when I drink it. I also drink 1 scoop for breakfast to get my amino acid levels up after the overnight fast.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein is whey's less-popular counterpart. It is a slow protein, which means that it takes 3-6 hours to be converted into amino acids. This results in a much smaller spike, but a much more sustainable level. This is great for minimizing protein breakdown over a long period of time, which is why I would highly recommend drinking a casein shake right before you go to bed. An excellent (although far more expensive) food source of casein protein is cottage cheese. Ever heard the phrase "PB & CC"? Well, it stands for "Peanut Butter and Cottage Cheese". Fat (peanut butter) slows down the breakdown of all protein into amino acids, and casein protein (cottage cheese) is already a slow protein, so the combination of the two results in an incredibly slow, all night release of amino acids into your bloodstream! It is an excellent way to retain muscle (and no, you won't gain weight from eating right before bed).

Oh and by the way, taking casein with whey turns whey into a slow protein as well, so unless that's what you want, don't mix the two together!


I take creatine in 2 different ways depending on the day. On my off days, I take 2.5g in the morning and 2.5g in the afternoon. On training days, I take 2.5g before my workout, and 5g afterwards in the form of Legion Recharge.

As many of you probably know, creatine turns you into a fish. My water intake is close to 2 gallons each day, which makes me need to supplement electrolytes with either Gatorade or electrolyte enhanced water. Creatine can also be very harsh on your kidneys if you don't get enough dextrose and water to help move it into your muscles, so its something that I would recommend reading up on if you are new to it.

Overall my experience with creatine has been very positive. I noticed a surprisingly large increase in muscle mass (mostly water) and ability to push out extra reps when I would have otherwise been done.

Update (06/14/16): Over a month later, and my water intake has dropped back to normal. My regiment with creatine is still roughly the same as when I started, although I take Recharge on off days now as well as on training days.


Everything I have written above is my opinion entirely. I am not affiliated with Mike Matthews, the owner of Legion Athletics, in any way (other than following him on YouTube and I think maybe Twitter); nor am I affiliated with any other supplement company, nor do I have any ulterior motive for making this topic (other than world domination, but that doesn't really apply here). I am not a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or anyone who is even remotely qualified to be giving you any medical advise whatsoever. I do it anyways, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm actually qualified to do so.

Edited by TacoManStan
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1 hour ago, erickho123 said:

I take 50-75 Doxylamine when I can't go to sleep. Works very well, don't you begin to build a tolerance against this though

Yes, but I take such a small amount that it doesn't really matter. I also don't take it on the weekends, which helps reset my tolerance a bit.

10 minutes ago, Boku No Pico said:

I take nothing but wanna start, I don't know what to start with.

Read through my explanations of why I take each supplement, and that might give you a good place to start based on your needs. If you don't take it already, I would highly recommend starting with fish oil regardless of your situation (unless you have an allergy or some other medical reason not to take it).

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50 minutes ago, TacoManStan said:

Yes, but I take such a small amount that it doesn't really matter. I also don't take it on the weekends, which helps reset my tolerance a bit.

Read through my explanations of why I take each supplement, and that might give you a good place to start based on your needs. If you don't take it already, I would highly recommend starting with fish oil regardless of your situation (unless you have an allergy or some other medical reason not to take it).

Alright thanks! I'll look through, and does fish oil taste weird? No idea about this stuff, thanks a lot for the help! :)

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  • Whey protein powder
    • Post workout shake is mandatory, but I will take 1-2 more at other meals if my protein intake is lacking for the day
  • Creatine Monohydrate
    • Currently loading (15-20g per day, for a week), but 5g per / day after this week
  • Beta-Alanine powder
    • 2g mixed in with a cup of black coffee pre-workout
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You are wasting a lot of money @TacoManStan , fat burner´s and some other stuff you take are pure money waste but is your decision in the end.

Anyways, I consume:

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • L-Glutamiine
  • (Magnesium every now and then)

Besides that i try to get everything I need from food :shy:



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4 hours ago, TacoManStan said:



5-HTP is known to produce seratonin when metabolized (unproven). Adderall can mess with natural seratonin production, so if I ever feel depressed when coming down from Adderall, I take 5-HTP.

Feeling depressed is due to decreased levels of serotonin (5HT) in the brain.

This is important because 5HTP can cross the blood-brain barrier, whilst 5HT can't. Hence you want as much of the 5HTP to reach your brain and be converted there rather than it be converted to serotonin your periphery (converting enzymes are also found in stomach and periphery as well as the brain). Usefully green tea extract inhibits the enzyme, so taking ECGC with your 5HTP is definitely a good idea, seeing excess serotonin levels in the periphery causes heart valve damage in rats (given this is after long term administration)

tl;dr take green tea extract with your 5HTP, it'll be much more effective

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Gonna hop in on this. I've experimented with literally hundreds of supplements (no exaggeration). Supplement stack is always changing my current is the following:

Fish Oil: I megadose this like crazy. Far above the recommended daily average. Love the sustained mental clarity it gives me.

Vitamin K2: (specific occasion); For when I take far too much fish oil to counteract its anticoagulant property... I go crazy on fish oil during exam times up to (25 caps a day...)

Creatine Monohydrate: Obvious reasons.... Strength increase + mild test increase + greater power output + lactic acid buffering + hydration etc...

speaking of hydration...

I take Taurine as well: I megadose this like crazy as well... atleast 11 grams in the morning with my coffee and sometimes 11 grams at night. Legit has creatine like effects at that dose. Hold on to a lot of water but not look bloated. Skin looks great. Has a calming effect (take edge off of  the caffeine) different than L-theanine... Keeps me thinking smoothly even when dehydrated and It's ridiculously cheap as well.

Vitamin D3: Live in Canada not that much sun in the winter keeps mood elevated. I take 5000-7000 IUs a day.

Beta Carotene: Precursor to Vitamin A which I don't get enough of from my diet.

Tyrosin (very specific occasion)... Not gonna get into the details of this...

Beta Alanine (very specific occasion as well): When I decide to go for a PR... Usually in response to a challenge or for when I've been too busy to have a decent workout for around a week and want to wreak havoc in the gym. I would take around 7-9 grams depending on mood.

NOTE: Beta-Alanine depletes taurine levels in the body which is why I don't take it consistently as I enjoy the effects of Taurine too much to compromise on some of its efficiency...

Vitamin B Complex: Increased mental and physical energy and endurance. I mega dose this to an extent.






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On 5/16/2016 at 5:52 PM, TacoManStan said:

I'm also not sure what part of it makes this happen, but it makes my skin tingle, starting with my face. It's not a pleasant sensation, nor is it an unpleasant one, but even if it is a placebo, it certainly makes you think you're feeling that rush of energy you're getting.

Took a look at the ingredients real quick. Has 4.8 grams of Beta-Alanine. That's what's giving you the tingling skin feeling (paresthesia). Different theories why this happens... would go into detail but a bit busy rn...

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48 minutes ago, Illuminati666 said:

Do you think it's possible to actually learn from taking Adderall? I mean do you think being exposed to it allows you to think differently when you're not on it?

At the dose I take, I seriously doubt it. The only thing Adderall does for me is allow me to not get distracted by random things every 30 seconds when I'm trying to work. If you abuse the drug, I have no idea what it would do (I personally would advise against attempting it).

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How can you keep up with all that? lmao...

All I have is Pre-Workout and Protein - but I also drink GFUEL a few times a week usually when I feel tired after work and it makes me sleep like a baby for some reason when the effects wear off.

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