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Weight Gainers

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What do you guys look for in weight gainers? Or do you just add pb, bananas, etc to your whey protein? I was taking Pro Gainer and thought it was really good. Just wanna know your guys take on weight gainers.

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yea make ur own homemade mass gainers, weight gainers are just a waste of money and its hard to drink, alot of BB's say dont use weight gainers because they are bad, if ur getting results thats fine but if not i sugguest what boku said natural food is the best way to go and this advice i heard from many BB:)

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Just make sure you aren't bulking like a moron.

Understand that your body can only pack on 200-400 calories worth of muscle each day, depending on your genetics. Just like cutting too much weight at once is unhealthy, packing on too much weight is unhealthy also. Stick to your macro goals, and to ensure you are eating the extra calories that you need, eat larger portions. Don't use bulking as an excuse to eat whatever the hell you want.

Oh, and don't be one of those idiots who has 6 eggs, a 4-scoop whey shake and bacon for breakfast. Anything extra you eat beyond what your body can turn into muscle will be stored as fat, which unless you are looking for the "bloated muscle" look, I would highly recommend not doing. You tend to shit out the excess protein rather than storing it as fat, but don't be misled into believing that protein can't be stored as fat at all, because it can (and will if you eat too much).

Eat healthy fats, healthy carbs, and protein.

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