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SwagNotifier - Alerts you with beep sounds when conditions are met

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This script will alert you with a beep sound, when certain conditions are met. This is useful when doing legit activities without bots, and can be used as an addon to OSBuddy. When playing legit and doing semi-AFK activities it's a waste of time to constantly check the game screen for ingame updates. With this script you can instead have runescape minimized, and once you hear the "beep" sound you can tab in and continue, without wasting any time.

This script will not interact with the game, other than when stopping script (which will make the bot mouse go offscreen). Tribot's login bot, the inbuilt client antiban and the inbuilt fatigue system is terminated in this script. You might also want to go into the tribot client settings (On the tribot client, click File > Settings) and de-activate "Dismiss Randoms", if not the client will interact with the client by dismissing random events.

I recommend to use this script together with LG for maximum safety.

Conditions / Options


• Combat - Will beep when your character isn't interacting (attacking) a NPC. Useful for splashing.

• Prayer - Will beep when your character has less prayer points than what you've assigned.

• Skilling - Will beep when your characacter isn't animating (skilling) and you aren't interacting with the game. Tested with woodcutting and crafting. The beep for this setting is delayed with 2 seconds, due to skilling activities sometimes changing player animation to -1 while still skilling.

• Player requests - Will beep once for every player (trade/duel challenge) request received.

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