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Ironman Bot

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I have an idea to make a series of either forum posts or videos about an ironman account on which I make heavy use of automation to progress. I would write (open source)  scripts for myself to automate common tasks performed by ironmen, like gathering different herblore secondaries, buying molten glass supplies from charter traders and runecrafting cosmic runes (for air orbs). I wouldn't really care about the account or if jagex caught it botting, and I would heavily advise people to not use this for their 'real' ironmen. The progress I would post (video or forum) would probably be half scripting tutorial and half  account progress.

What do people think of this idea? Would anyone find it useful to have access these sorts of scripts? Do you have any script or series ideas?

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Yeah, I think I could make it with (at least) mostly existing scripts, but what if, and I only just thought of this, but the scripting was taken to be another ironman element. As in I can't trade scripts, only write my own.

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