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stats needed on a lvl 3

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if needed i can supply whatever needed, along with membership....botted and or unbotted just need the job done...post your price

59 agility

34 construction

70 cooking

61 crafting

65 defence

49 farming

50 firemaking 

62 fishing

50 fletching

57 herblore

27 hunter

66 magic

60 mining

50 prayer

60 ranged

50 runecrafting

42 slayer

65 smithing

50 str

58 thieving 

woodcutting 71

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Ah so you are going for quest cape requirements. I can do by hand for 100m. A trusted MM will hold the funds if you are not going first.

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If you supply around 10m gold to get stats up faster than normal. I'd do all of them for around 75m. Will a few days to complete.

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