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Tribot client hotkeys

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Hello, i have recentley started a medium sized farm, and the time spent starting/stopping scripts and doing other client related actions has increased very much.

Is there any way to semi-automate this process?

I mean are there any hot-keys, keyboard shortcuts that i can use?

Or is there any tribot function that can help a goldfarmer manage his farm and switch the scripts more time effective?

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View->Client Starter

Create, save, and load profiles for starting multiple clients with specific input. Works best with script arguments.

View->Script Queue

I don't use this much, but it's used to queue different scripts together (or the same script with different arguments). Needs arguments to work properly.

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Thank you! You have helped me 50% of the problem, and by that i mean that i forgot to mention the fact that i have new account every day, therefore i cant save any usernames, because i would have to do that daily, wich beats the purpose of automation.


However, i hapily used the client starter, to have different worlds and a number of clients started easy.


Have you got any idea what can i do if i have many accounts, changed every day? Is there a way to set, lets say, start account 1 with script x, start account 2 with script y, and by account 1 i mean it's position in the account llist, not it's name (since the name will be changed daily)

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