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Questions about script downloading/jar download

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Hello all,

I recently got into 07scape and not having played rs for years and years, I used to use an old bot back in the day, where you would actually have the scripts saved on the computer. 

I see this is now no longer the case, which brings my question.

Are the scripts saved in some kind of temp folder then deleted once they stop? It shows downloading script when you start them, so they are there temporarily on the PC. I am sure i'm not the only one who is wondering or has wondered about this.

My computer sucks really bad, when the bot starts up apparently it communicates to world85.runescape or whatever and downloads a "jar" from the world? I'm not sure but it takes me what seems like forever, can I just get one saved on my computer and avoid having to re-download each time? Same for the scripts too,

I've tried searching the forums for something similar to this but have found difficulty in obtaining and answer simple enough for me to grasp.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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