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Og Scim

Client size

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Description of the bug (be specific): The size of the client is zoomed in, and scripts wont work because of how the angle is.

How often the bug occurs: everytime

Triggers of the bug (if known):

Java version: latest 

Max Heap Size: 386

TRiBot client version: latest

Looking Glass (yes/no): no

Operating System: Windows 8

Script Name:

TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old school

Client Debug: none

Bot Debug: none

Screenshots (if any): s28vpl.jpg

Edited by Og Scim

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Have you tried common troubleshooting steps? Closing the client and opening it again or restarting computer?

Try deleting your hooks.dat in your .tribot/settings folder, and then opening a new client if the previous steps don't help.

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Or if youre on a laptop just pinch inward on the track pad, thats what I do

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