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Account hacked

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TRiBot scripters have no access to your account information by design.

TRiBot has thousands of happy recurring users, it wouldn't make sense to risk it's reputation hacking a few users.

Feel free to search any thread on TRiBot claiming to be hacked and you'll see that it's clearly not the case.

I recommend scanning your computer with a few different programs, and ideally reformatting.
Something besides TRiBot was the cause of this.

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Yeah, so Tribot clears tens of thousands of dollars off of VIP and premium scripts every month. It would be the most stupid business decision ever to start hacking their own members. 

You either - 

A. tried downloading some cracked version of tribot that you found on youtube

B. Have poor password practices and they got you from another site. 

C. Are from some other botting site or Jagex and have absolutely nothing better to do with your time than to try to give tribot a bad name. 

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it's before emails so just figuring out the user is hard enough let alone the password.


none of that is true, but hey whatever man... if it happens to someone else I warned yall. literally impossible to be able to guess both the login and the password.


The email that popped up that took my account is shown as g*******@o******.com

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