Interest in an RS3 Bot

By TRiLeZ,
Recently, Jagex released their new client - the "NXT" client. This client uses all native code. It does not use Java/JVM anymore. This means that when Jagex drops support for the legacy client, Java reflection/injection bots will cease to exist. But we have an advantage here. Our RS3 bot uses OpenGL interception, which can be altered for use with the NXT client. What I'm considering doing is creating a botting client to support botting on the NXT client, using OpenGL/DirectX interception, memory reading, and packet sniffing. Of course the Old-School client would still be our main priority, and work with this would not start until our current and planned projects for TRiBot are finished. We would also hire some support for this to reduce my personal workload. How many people would be interested in this?