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How many clients do you run?

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Just dropping by to say hello! Kinda new to tribot, altho coming from another bot program I can tell this one will be able to run multiples without a scratch!

Soooo I was just curious to see how much clients you people manage to run on OSRS simulteanously, you might want to drop in your computer specs while at it!

Im expecting to get a close 10 with mine after a few tweakings for performance issues.

Right now, just testing the free client to see how it goes and if everythig goes well I plan on getting that VIP!

Comp specs:

Fx 6200 M5A5 R2.0
8G of 1600 Hrz ram
Gpu Hd 7950

Anything else is pretty irrevelant!

Bot on!

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My computer running an FX6300 runs around 5 with little lag, but I haven't optimized it in any way. I think it hits around 80% with that so I don't know if 10 separate clients will be to possible with yours. You could definitely get more than I run on that computer but not quite sure on how smooth 10 will be. Good luck with the VIP it's definitely worth it. 

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