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Need Help / HONEST Insight

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SO, i've really wanted to come back to osrs, but I can't afford to spend hours grinding on this game. So I've come here to ask a few simple questions.. Can someone please tell me which botting software I should really use? I want to be botting this account with runecrafting to being with hoping to get 1-91 runecraft.. and then possibly agility, then i want to afk nightmare zone it.. but this seems to be to hard.. as I feel i'd get banned by doing all of that. 

What should i do? 

BUY an OSRS account? 

Purchase VIP and some scripts, and start from level 3. Botting it all the way hoping to not get banned? 

PLEASE people with experience and knowledge help me out, I really want to start a good OSRS main, and I'd love proper insight..

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My suggestion:

Take it slow. Make the account, play legit for a day or two, do some easy quests/other things you'll want done but can't bot. Then start botting a bunch of different skills, running them for modest amounts of time; not more than  an hour or two per skill. After a day or two of this, you'll have most of your stats @ lvl  30-40. Inbetween, do a few quests.

Don't want to take it slow? By all means do whatever you like, different things work for different people after all. But if there's ONE thing i can recommend doing, it's getting 40-50 quest points. It takes maybe 3 hours total of questing doing all the quick/easy quests, and for me, on my botting accounts is the difference between a 2 day ban and an macroing major (permanent ban) if I do get a ban.

Now, I only goldfarm, so I don't get the QP on every account I bot, but the higher-requirement, higher-risk methods I employ, always are at least somewhat quested.

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