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"Looking Glass" ???

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Hello, I am new and am interested in gold farming. I am aware now of the high ban rates jagex has enforced on the game. I first ran 30 accounts with no proxys or VPNs and botted then as much as I could. As you could guess, most of then got banned :p. I was then doing my research on how to prevent ban and IP traces, I then fell upon proxys and VPNs. So I started my research on proxys and have setup 8 accounts and have a VPN running and every time I created a new account I would change the VPNs location. So I thought everything was good, until I saw this, "Looking Glass". I'm confused on how it works, and am wondering if it reduces ban rates by that much. I would love to get some answers on how efficient a bot would be if you had a proxy and a "Looking Glass" client going at the same time. Does that mean you could bot it for more then 8 hours a day, and maybe even 24/7? I would love to get some answers, if any experienced gold farmers could add me on Skype, "jaredjared456" (don't hate I made it when I was 11, I am 17 now) I would appreciate any advice I could get from someone who is already in the market and making money. :)  

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