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VirtualBuddy - How To Use Our Servers

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This thread will be a guideline on how to use our servers from before you purchase to after. We've been getting lots of messages in regards to what happens after the purchasing process, so we want to show everyone what we have on the market for Runescape gold farming, VirtualBuddy.

Step 1: Choosing a Server

Whatever your botting needs are, we can supply you with the best software on the market for botting that all comes in a nicely bundled package. Our wide variety of servers allows for easy expansion of bot farms that grows with you, Starting with our most basic package "Trial Farm VPS". Select the one that fits you the best.



Step 2: Review Your Product

After you select any of the 7 Runescape packages above you will be redirected to the info sheet that gives you all the information you need to know about your virtual server. For this example I have selected the "Platinum Farm VPS" which can run around 50 botting clients with its powerful dedicated cores.


Once you have reviewed your product, you can continue to add it to your cart.


Step 3: Checkout

Continue to your checkout by clicking the cart in the top right hand corner. Here you will be displayed with all the items you added to your cart including proxies if you added them. We've added "Special Instructions" incase you want to request an extra feature for your server, for example: "Could you please download OSBuddy on my server so I can use the LG feature for the Tribot Client". 


After reading and understand you may tick off "I Agree With The Terms and Conditions" and continue on with your purchase.


Step 4: Customer Information 

Pretty self explanatory. Just the basic information we need to get started with processing your order. After you complete this you can use the same information to login to your VirtualBuddy account to purchase another product without having to fill this out again. 



Step 5: Payment

After completing your customer information you will be directed to your payment options. We accept almost all types of payment options so choose the best one that suits your needs. We may add a feature to pay with OSGP in the future.


We're almost done!


Step 6: Reviewing, Processing, Finalizing, Sending Email

After you have completed your payment type, an invoice is directly emailed to our staff email which we will then review your order, pass it on to level 2 processing which will take a few minutes to get everything you need on to your new server, and then the final step of finalizing and double checking over our work to make sure your server is up and functional always. This step can take up to 24 hours depending on when you order. If you order within our working hours you can expect to have your server within 30 minutes or less. After all these processes and we are positive your server is ready, we will then email you the server information directly to the email you used in your Customer Information. 



Step 7: Connecting to your Server

Once you have received the email you should be able to find your server information to login to your private server. We will be connecting to the private server using VNC Viewer, you can find the link here: https://www.realvnc.com/download/viewer/

Connecting to the server is very simple, just input your IP:Port and put in the password and you're connected. 


This is an example of what you should input on the VNC Server line. Press connect and enter password and you're connected!


Yes that is Po from KFP.

You're Now Connected!



Visit us at www.virtualbuddy.org 

Use Promotion code: TRIBOT for 5% off till the 21st (exam season special)


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3 hours ago, jinbagslim said:

These look pretty nice, will definitely be trying one.

Sounds good hope too see you soon :)

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Very nice, perfect for botting server.

You explained in such manner, that it made me want to try out a 50 bots server.

Have you implemented some extra software, such as autostart tribot or something?

Also, how will the ip (viewed by jagex) be masked?

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