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Captcha bug on Linux...

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I can only see 6 out of 9 photos. And i can't scrool to right side so it's impossible to do captcha on vps.

I opened browser and went to tribot.org , then i had to confirm capcha there too. Did that, come back to tribot loader, still ask for captcha....


EDIT - fixed problem. Restarted vps and after that i wasn't asked for captcha.

EDITv2 - not fixed. Restarting doesn't help at all.

EDITv3 - Can load website and everything O.K. but captcha still don't fit in tribot loader screen..


@TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd

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46 minutes ago, J M C said:

@guywithlsd still a persisting issue?

EDIT - So those VPS that had problem with this don't have it anymore. I did nothing with that and was using other clients but looks like problem got solved by it self.

As about loading web then client it didn't helped. The only way to prevent this from happening in feature would be not ask captcah in client if You already did captcha on website OR making Loader screen bigger or something like that, so you can see full captcha.

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7 hours ago, J M C said:

@guywithlsd was the captcha actually preventing you from launching the client? It may have just been preventing you from seeing updates.

i wouldn't start new thread if i would not have tryed launch client...

I get an error (because captcha is not finished) that prevents me from launching client. I doub't i can show the error sinc i changed all IP's that was not working and there is no more vps's that gives this error.

Problem would be solved if it would be possible to maximize launcher screen and make that small window bigger...

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