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watch it ya

i cant renew vip

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On 2016-04-01 at 0:50 AM, watch it ya said:

every time I try to buy points for vip I get a message saying its being declind due to suspected fraudent activity

that's with stripe. it even wont let me use paypal (my email is verifyd)

anyone help??


15 hours ago, glenisace1 said:

emailed em about this reason too, its been 2 days like this now


9 hours ago, ndlax12345 said:

Having the same problem as well. It's funny because I've used the same card to purchase VIP for two months now and all of a sudden it's a problem.


6 hours ago, arizona825 said:


The very first thing you need to do, is make sure you're not behind a proxy or a VPN, as an IP change can cause the TRiBot fraud system to flag you as fraudulent, and then deny you credits. Assuming you're not, try using a different payment processor; I highly recommend BitCoin as nobody seems to have issues with fraudulent payments when trying to purchase credits with BitCoin.


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