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Liam.'s Scripter Application

Does Liam. deserve the scripter rank?   40 members have voted

  1. 1. Does Liam. deserve the scripter rank?

    • Yes
    • No

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It's a definite yes from me.

You definitely have the knowledge required, you're very active, and I do see you helping users on a consistent basis.

I don't care that you've written private scripts in the past. The rules were not properly explained, and you've never made any attempt to hide what you did. I respect that.

To be honest, there is no real reason for anyone to vote no, other than out of a personal issue with you. You already meet and surpass the knowledge requirements, and definitely have the passion to do more than just try to cash in. Besides, this is for regular scripter, not premium.

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Your code across your scripts are not consistent. Some uses oracle conventions and some don't. I assume this was before you decided to take time to learn about them.

You're using Boolean objects for no reason, you should really stick with boolean (primitive)

I noticed while examining some of your scripting libs that you don't use proper null checking: https://github.com/Internetwarrior/tribotscripts/blob/master/scripts/tribot/liam/lib/game/equipment/EquipmentManager.java. Maybe that was just a fluke, but if not, you should really learn how to null check properly because that is a scripting requirement. (Cache definition value then nullcheck)

You're using the class name in order to get the script's status in EnCrafter, but what you should really be doing is creating an abstract method for your nodes.

You say you've been programming seriously using Java for about 2 years, but your code doesn't exhibit 2 years of serious java coding. Regardless, I'm still voting yes (just make sure you get all 3 scripts up), since I've seen you active in the community and seem to know enough about scripting. Making scripts for the community isn't exactly that hard once you know the fundamentals of java.

Edited by erickho123

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As you are aware, I am now giving applicants a code challenge to earn my vote assuming the applicant meets the requirements. Since you said my challenges can be easily googled, then this one should be of no trouble.

Your challenge:

Find a Square

Given an array of 4 RSTile objects, determine if the tiles create a square. Each RSTile in the array is a corner of the polygon. The polygon is a square if the 4 sides are of equal length.

Hint: You may or may not need to create your own distance method to get the correct output.

Test cases:

// Input
{new RSTile(3232, 3224), new RSTile(3232, 3220), new RSTile(3236, 3220), new RSTile(3236, 3224)}
{new RSTile(3232, 3225), new RSTile(3232, 3220), new RSTile(3235, 3220), new RSTile(3235, 3225)}
{new RSTile(3237, 3220), new RSTile(3235, 3220), new RSTile(3235, 3221), new RSTile(3237, 3221)}

// Output


@Liam. http://pastebin.com/ci6PZUer is incorrect. That code will always return false. I'm a bit concerned you didn't even bother to test your own code. That pastebin doesn't even compile because there is a missing closing parenthesis which I had to add to test. You aren't being rushed to answer and I would much rather see the right answer than a fast response.

Edited by Encoded

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I personally talked to you about what your intentions were and what you really wanted. I enjoyed what you had to say and I believe your intentions are in the right place. 

You're a good person and you help out the community quite a lot which I love to see. You're also very active and have been a member of this community for the past 2 years.

I believe that you have the knowledge and what it takes to be a Scripter for this community so I'm going to vote yes. I can see you here for a long time providing good content and you don't seem to be a flaky person like I have seen in the past.


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Your method fails in multiple situations.

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The application system is exactly that. It's to get all your dirty secrets to light. If I want to discuss your scamming in a private chat, it's my prerogative. So USA said if someone wants to buy scripts off site from and offsite scripter and have no contact through any tribot endorsed mediums then it's fine? Yeah he did. Did he say you could sell to tribot users, through the tribot repository and forums? Fuck no he didn't. Also the post you show literally says the words "against the rules". 

Edited by Assume

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Just a quick 5 minute glance


Line 30, 32, 44: can return NPE. The object returned is 100% unrelated from line 29. It is likely it won't be null.
It however is possible, and will throw a NPE eventually. Easily within a few hours of operation if no faster.

Line 61: why not dynamic sleep, there are very clear conditions to denote the end of this state. A wine appearing in your inventory, the wine disappearing etc.


getWorld : I'm just happy to see someone submit something with recursion 


Can return a null pointer, unless your custom interface class won't return a null. In which case you should remove line 109.

General Suggestions:
- You seem to constantly be dealing with if something else is already selected. 
    Centralize this code, as it appeared in most of your nodes I looked over (and I didn't look over that many).
    It is frustrating because I believe this issue should be solved at the client level. I often find myself when
    writing quick scripts passing through empty strings to the .click method to avoid having to deal with this edge case.
    ie. You miss clicked the wrong spell, and want to use tele grab, but you have the wrong spell selected.
- Use if/else properly. There are alot of cases where you check a condition then a few lines later check the inverse.
    Instead of rechecking, just use an if/else. Your go to design seems to use two ifs, and check the condition in each if (ie. checking it twice)
    just one example, but issue persists through nearly all of your code:
- Use more dynamic sleeps instead of hard coded ones. I think this is just you getting a little bit lazy. But putting together
    a solid combination of dynamic sleeps can be the difference between an ok script, and an amazing one.
    We have all been to the point where writing the dynamic sleep seems daunting, and a quick dirty hardcoded one
    gets the job done, myself included. 


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Well i thought i would pass on reviewing this one. But seeing that this application has become a bit old now and it hasn't been closed yet, i figure more opinions are welcome.

Personally; Nothing against you, you seemed like a nice guy when i briefly talked to you some time ago. I'm not going to dive into the mess that is clearly stated in this thread, i rather stay wide away from that.

That being said, my vote is a no. Your code just isn't up to the standard for me. There are many empty if statements, static sleeps and general logic mishaps. I am not even going to link to them, i think @warfront1 and others gave enough pointers on that. Your entire application feels rushed, you state that 1 of your 3 scripts is over a year old and is being rewritten, why not apply when you finished that? Whats the rush? Also seeing your answer to @Encoded's challenge were minus points in my book.

I'm sorry, i'm sure you're a nice guy and the above drama with rule-breaking has a solution that will satisfy all involved party's. And i hope you will continue to post and improve new and existing code. Then i will be glad to see another application coming from you.

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While the rules may not have been clear as they are now due to misinterpreted quotes from 2013, you were never granted special permission to sell private scripts without the required rank and I do not appreciate you quoting me in this thread and Discord stating so. Your screenshots show exactly what the context of my message was.

That being said, this application wasn't too bad and while its not part of the requirements, your response to Encoded's challenge was concerning as it wasn't even a partial solution.

This application has been open too long to give a definitive yes so I am closing it until your next application after you have something new to show us and the issues that came up in this thread are no longer a factor.


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