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Fighting algorithm

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Hi, im new to the fighting algorithm here, but how this fighting algorithm should be done? 

- Problem: The bot doesnt recognize that the player is fighting and attacks next target straight away
Source code:

	public void execute() {		//TODO camera rotation		RSNPC[] npc = NPCs.sortByDistance(this.getMyPosition(), this.getFreeNPCS());		if(!Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat() && !npc[0].isInCombat()) {			if(npc.length > 0) {				RSNPC target = npc[0];				target.setClickHeight(target.getHeight());				target.click("Attack");				General.sleep(900, 1300);			}		} else {			General.sleep(50,100);		}	}

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Set a time tracker if you successfully attack, check the time since last attack (safe is like 2-3 seconds, since you'll probably be in combat by then). You can also update that timer when you have the attack animation if you like.


/e note just a solution, there are many ways to accomplish what you are asking.

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- You are accessing npc[0] before checking the length of the array.

- isInCombat only returns true if you have a health bar above your head.

Some suggestions,

- get your player's interacting character and wait for it to be in combat

- use conditional sleeps rather than static sleeps

- NPCs.findNearest automatically sorts by distance from your player

- Check out the Clicking class and take note that the clicking methods return a boolean value

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Set a time tracker if you successfully attack, check the time since last attack (safe is like 2-3 seconds, since you'll probably be in combat by then). You can also update that timer when you have the attack animation if you like.


/e note just a solution, there are many ways to accomplish what you are asking.


This. You may also want to wait until we have stopped moving if distance is greater than, say, 3 tiles.

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