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Project Royal Penguin

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Project Royal Penguin. This API converts screen points into "PRPMarker" which can be later converted back into screen points. Characters can move freely around or change the camera angle, and the markers will still point to the same, original position.

Caution: Loading a new area will break all the markers, making them all invalid. Markers must be re-calculated upon loading a new area.



The point of this API is to enable tile clicking, or to track objects / remember where they are.

Create a PRPMarker from a screen point, and it will always point to where the original point was made. As long as you don't load a new chunk of land.

If you were to know the point of a static object, you could add x and y values to the base point of the model, then convert that new point to a PRPMarker. You will then have a good representation of your targeted tile.

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