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Importing class help...

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I have constructed a login gui for any kind of program, and its kind of long and I want to import the Gui from a separate class to prevent clutter. I need the main class to be labeled as "GuiLogin".


GUI Code:

public class lGui{	public void gui()	{	frame = new JFrame("Login");	frame.setSize(300, 150);	frame.getContentPane().setBackground(Color.LIGHT_GRAY);	frame.setLocation(300, 200);	frame.setLayout(null);	frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);	frame.setResizable(false);	l = new JLabel("Username: ");	l.setLocation(15, 14);	l.setSize(l.getPreferredSize());	frame.add(l);	field = new JTextField("Username");	field.setColumns(15);	field.setSize(field.getPreferredSize());	field.setBackground(Color.DARK_GRAY);	field.setForeground(Color.LIGHT_GRAY);	field.setLocation(90, 10);	field.setToolTipText("Enter User Name");	frame.add(field);	l = new JLabel("Password: ");	l.setLocation(15, 54);	l.setSize(l.getPreferredSize());	frame.add(l);	p = new JPasswordField("Password");	p.setColumns(15);	p.setSize(p.getPreferredSize());	p.setBackground(Color.DARK_GRAY);	p.setForeground(Color.LIGHT_GRAY);	p.setLocation(90, 50);	p.setToolTipText("Enter Password");	frame.add(p);	b1 = new JButton("Login");	b1.setSize(b1.getPreferredSize());	b1.setLocation(195, 78);	b1.setToolTipText("Login");	frame.add(b1);	b2 = new JButton("Cancel");	b2.setSize(b2.getPreferredSize());	b2.setLocation(95, 78);	b2.setToolTipText("Cancel");	frame.add(b2);	check = new JCheckBox("Remember me?");	check.setSize(check.getPreferredSize());	check.setLocation(120, 100);	check.setToolTipText("Remember your username for next time");	frame.add(check);	frame.setVisible(true);	}} 

Main Class code:

public class GuiLogin{	public static void main(String[] args)	{		lGui gui = new lGui();		lGui.gui();	}} 


Also need to know if I need to declare the import statements in the main class, the gui class, or both.

Same with the gui constructors.


Import Statements:

import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;import javax.swing.*;import java.awt.Color;import java.io.*; 

GUI constructors:

JFrame frame;JTextField field;JLabel l;JPasswordField p;JButton b1, b2;JCheckBox check;


**Note: I know the buttons and textfields do nothing yet, I'm currently writing the ActionListeners...I'll prob need some help with that too :P

Edited by baileyr12

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@baileyr12 If they're in the same package you should be fine, or else import it. Also if you're using eclipse it should give you the option to automatically fix it for you. 

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