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Selling Lumbridge teletabs (66k tabs) / Shoutout to tab makers

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Hello, as the title says I am currently selling 66k Lumbridge teletabs, for 696gp ea.


I'm also encouraging other tab makers to sell some percentage of the tabs here and the rest on G.E for a small overprice a day, something like 5%+ each day should spark a price increase. In this way we all make more money, and most importantly, we can continue to use the method without getting to the point where it's not worth making the tabs or even make a productionstop that would eventually stabilize the price, however are we willing to go through with that?


Since 15. Jan. 2016 the price has dropped from 921 to 691 (230gp).- http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/Lumbridge_teleport/viewitem?obj=8008



I can also produce different kind of tabs in bulk orders, just give me a PM or comment below.


- Best regards Keldm



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Just a tip, you can't run a 20 account farm on lumby tabs alone. You will end up with more supply than the daily traded and make prices crash a ton. I've done this before with certain items on accident. You have to diversify your farm.


Edit : Depends how much of your item is traded per day, but I meant lumby tabs for this example. 

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