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[Suggestion] Notification of new premium scripts

New Premium Script Notification   9 members have voted

  1. 1. Should notifications be recieved when a new premium script is added to the repository?

  2. 2. If yes, how would you like to be notified?

    • Email
    • Website Notification
    • Other method (Please post)

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3 posts in this topic

Should we be able to be notified in some way about new premium scripts being added to the Respository?
Obviously with an option to disable if people don't want this.
My personal opinion is that for those who do not have the time to consistently check the respective forum sections for new scripts being added may benefit from a system which notifies them in some way about any additions.


This could potentially be beneficial as a different initial form of minor advertising to help kick-start sales/feedback on new scripts.

If this has already been implemented or there is something incredibly similar that does the same job and I have yet to discover it then I apologise for this suggestion.

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You can already do this to some extend. (atleast for website and email notifications).




You can adjust how you receive those notifications in your profile control panel.

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