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Any APIs out for C++

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I love C++ more then I love Java and would love to start writing scripts in c++. Any API's or material I can use to start writing scripts? I've never written a script before, and I'm assuming its much more different then doing it with java.


Any advice or tips would be awesome ^.^

#include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;int main(){   cout << "Hello World!!! << endl;}

Much more efficient then having to write std:: all the time XD


Also, I prefer Code::Blocks as an ide over anything the microsoft makes and eclipse (though Eclipse has some things going for it.

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Gotcha. Then what's the point of having a section cut out for C++ here? I was hoping that tribot was doing like many of the other botting services out there and switching to a c++ environment.


Oh well .-.

I just don't like Java Xo

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Because the programming section of the forums isn't defined to just Java.

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