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How To Recover Your Account

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All information in the Account Recovery subforum is protected only Moderators, Administrators, and yourself can view the content related to you. Do not post sensitive information inside the Dispute forum, please follow the hyperlink or navigate to the Account Recovery section through the Dispute section on forums.

To recover your account, please make a topic in the Account Recovery subforum and include as much as the information below as possible (the more the better)

  1. Link to your TRiBot Profile
  2. Your original Email address
  3. Last time you logged into the account (Date)
  4. Your (external) IP Address (if you are currently on a proxy)
  5. Screenshots of your earliest transaction with TRiBot
  6. A list of Scripts you remember purchasing from the earliest date in (Script/Date) format
  7. Screenshots of any TRiBot auto-generated emails with the date visible
  8. Payment details used to pay TRiBot (Credit Card #'s, PayPal emails, etc.)
  9. Any other information helping us link you to your account

After posting in the thread in the Account Recovery subforum, standby for a Staff member to evaluate your recovery request.

Make sure you actively check the thread for new questions or concerns towards your account.

Thanks and good luck!

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