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I'm a VIP extended member and according to the log the mouse data was loaded successfully. Does it mean this technology will be applied to all my botting activities immediately or do i have to activate or do something more?




Yeah it means the human mouse data will be used. However, this tribot release is regarding ABC2, therefore it only applies when you use scripts that implement ABC2.

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Truly amazing text and it is amazing that something like this have finally been implementet. Not only manually added to the script but (I hope) properly coded into the actual client and API.

I am looking forward to do a lot of testing with this bot on osrs. I will be looking for this function next time when purchasing a script.

Now I just need to build an energy efficient computer and rent myself a trustworthy VPN.

You can count on with collecting data during gameplay!

Only thing I have found so far that I am not too found of is the break set-up. It was 'complicated' to set up as it was not completely clear what was days/hours/seconds/ms.


Kind regards

Old botter

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